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Article: Why is there a big difference in the price of bamboo furniture?

Hvorfor er der stor forskel i pris på bambusmøbler?
bambus møbler

Why is there a big difference in the price of bamboo furniture?

You can buy bamboo furniture in several different price ranges, just like with virtually all other furniture.
And you might be thinking why you should pay DKK 6,000 for a bamboo sofa one place and DKK 2500 in another place.

Pretreatment of the right type of bamboo

The explanation is that there is a big difference in quality and design of the two mentioned sofas. Many furniture companies use bamboo that has not been pre-treated and this significantly reduces the product's quality and lifespan. There are also over 200 different species of bamboo and certainly not all species are suitable for furniture production. If the manufacturer does not use the right type of bamboo for the production of furniture, you will end up with a sofa that cannot hold two adults weighing +100kg sitting in it. If, on the other hand, the right type of bamboo is used, you have an extremely robust bamboo garden sofa.

Pre-treatment of the right type of bamboo is also an extremely important part of the production of your bamboo sofa, if the sugar is not extracted from the bamboo, insects etc. will be attracted and crawl into the bamboo and start eating it, thus weakening it considerably .

 So the nature of the bamboo and the processing is extremely important in the production of your bamboo sofa.


Design and seating comfort

In addition, the design and seating comfort. When you look at bamboo sofas online,  they may look very similar at first, but they are definitely not. Many of the cheaper products on the market are designed as simply as possible (after all, all costs must be kept down because you can acquire a very cheap sofa). When a bamboo sofa is made in a simple design, it means in other words that it has a completely straight back - just like a completely classic wooden chair. But how is the sitting comfort in it...? Not very good. This almost goes without saying.

A back on a bamboo sofa must be slanted, not something you immediately see in pictures, but it must be in order for you to achieve the right comfort that can be expected from a lounge bamboo piece of furniture.


Collection of bamboo furniture

Furthermore, many manufacturers also use visible screws to assemble the bamboo furniture and their finish resembles the bamboo furniture that was on the market in the 80s. It matters a lot how your bamboo sofa is put together. One thing is that it does not look nice with visible screws, another important thing is that such joints do not last in the long run, and you will end up with a bamboo sofa which quickly becomes unstable and seems "loose". For us at Northbynorth, it is in no way in harmony with the Scandinavian style and the expression we have created for our furniture series. We have created furniture series with attention to detail and high quality as all our bamboo is pre-treated so that it can last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance.

On our furniture, all visible joints are made of bamboo, which is not only in harmony with sustainability, but also gives the furniture an exclusive design expression.

So before you buy your new bamboo furniture, consider the above. What quality do you want? and feel safe that price and quality are significantly related when we talk about bamboo furniture.


We love bamboo because bamboo is the ultimate environmentally friendly plant. The plants grow extremely quickly without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or herbicides and recycle large amounts of CO2. They release an incredible 35% more oxygen into the environment than any other tree or plant in the world! And then you can make fantastically beautiful sustainable furniture out of them too.

If you would like more information about NorthbyNorth's high quality bamboo furniture, please visit our website www.northbynorth.com or contact info@northbynorth.com

 Enjoy the summer



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