Why is there such a big difference in the price of bamboo furniture?

Why is there such a big difference in the price of bamboo furniture?

Just like any other types of furniture, you can buy bamboo furniture in several different price ranges, so you may be wondering why you have to pay £6,000 for a bamboo sofa in one place and £250 somewhere else.


The right type of bamboo

The reason or the different price points is that there is a big difference between the quality of the material and the workmanship involved in producing above mentioned bamboo sofas. Many furniture manufacturers use bamboo that is not pre-treated, which significantly reduces the quality and durability of the product. There are also more than 200 different species of bamboo and not all species are suitable for furniture production. If the wrong type of bamboo is used in furniture production, the result will be a reduction in the strength of the item. For example, you could be left with a sofa that cannot adequately support the weight of two adult people (+100 kg).  Whereas, if the right type of bamboo is used, you will have an extremely sturdy bamboo sofa.

Forbehandling af den rette type bambus er også et yderst vigtig led i produktion af din bambus sofa, er sukkeret ikke trukket ud af bambussen vil insekter mm blive tiltrukket og kravle ind i bambussen og begynde at spise af den og dermed svække den betydeligt. 

 Så arten af bambussen og forarbejdningen er yderst vigtigt i forhold til produktionen af din bambussofa.


Pre-treating bamboo

Both the type and the pre-treatment of the bamboo are crucial in the production of your bamboo sofa.  If the sugar is not extracted from the bamboo, it will attract insects that will crawl into the bamboo and start eating it from within, significantly weakening it. 

Design and seating comfort

Add to that the design and comfort. When you look at bamboo sofas on online,  they may look very similar, but they are definitely not. Many of the cheaper products on the market are designed as simply as possible (after all, all costs must be kept down in order for you to acquire a very cheap sofa). In  other words, when a bamboo sofa is made with a simply designed straight back (like a classic wooden chair) it is not going to be very comfortable. 
The back on a bamboo sofa should be slanted. This is not something you immediately see in pictures but it must be in order for you to achieve the right comfort, which is to be expected from bamboo patio furnitur


Assembly of bamboo furniture

In addition, many manufacturers also use visible screws to assemble bamboo furniture and the finish resembles the type of bamboo furniture that was available in the 1980s.  How your bamboo sofa is assembled matters a lot; visible screws do not look very attractive and these types of joints do not last as long. This means that you will end up with a bamboo sofa that quickly becomes unstable. 
At Northbynorth, this type of finish does not fit with our Scandinavian style and the quality of furniture collections. Our furniture created with the emphasis on attention to detail and high quality. All of our bamboo is pre-treated so it can last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. All of our furniture collections are made using high calibre bamboo which is not only compatible with sustainability, but also gives the furniture an exclusive design concept.

So, before you buy your new bamboo furniture, consider the above. What standard of quality do you want?  Once you have answered this, you will feel confident that price and quality are significantly linked when you are talking about bamboo furniture. 
We love bamboo because it is the ultimate eco-friendly plant. The plants grow extremely quickly without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides and recycle large amounts of CO2. Incredibly, they release  35% more oxygen into the environment than any other tree or plant in the world. And then you can make amazing beautiful sustainable furniture out of them too. 

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Inclined back and joints in bamboo

Screws and straight back

Visible screws

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