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We do everything to produce furniture of the highest quality with a long life. We process all the bamboo we use in our production in pressure chambers with brine. This ensures that the material is 100% clean and no living organisms can survive in the wood.

Bamboo is a natural material and must therefore be continuously treated to keep it looking good and extend its lifespan. Here we give you some good advice on how to treat your bamboo furniture so that you can enjoy it for many, many years to come.

Local weather conditions and external surroundings can cause dark spots and fungus/mold to appear on your furniture. Here you will find good advice for prevention and treatment:

  • Wipe dirt and spills off surfaces immediately to reduce risk of dark spots 
  • Wipe the bamboo furniture regularly with a soft dry cloth. For cleaning add a few drops of organic soap in 3L of water.
  • You should wash/clean your furniture at least twice a year. Start by removing all dust either with a dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Then wash the furniture with a cloth wrung out in soapy water, rodalon or ProtoxHysan. Let the furniture air dry.
  • You can gently rinse your bamboo furniture. You can use fine sandpaper to freshen up your worktops and remove dark spots.
  • +Nano (Bamboo Shield) can be applied for extra protection. +Nano is an invisible layer that makes surfaces more water-repellent and thus provides extra protection against water and moisture.



You can also prevent fungal attacks, here we recommend using ProtoxSkimmel. You can buy the product here or at your local hardware store.

  • It is important that you apply the product to a completely clean surface. If there is dust/dirt on the furniture, it can develop into fungus/mould under ProtoxSkimmel. So always clean the furniture first.
      • If fungus has appeared on your furniture, we recommend that you combat this with the agent ProtoxHysan, which is a cleaning and disinfecting agent and can be purchased here or at your local hardware store.
          • Wash the entire piece of furniture down with ProtoxHysan
          • Please use a sponge so you can get the scrubbed furniture properly clean
          • Let the furniture air dry in the sun


      A dry place with good ventilation. If you don't have room to take all your garden furniture in during the winter, we recommend that you cover it. It is important that the cover is loose so that air and circulation continue to enter the furniture. Remember to clean your furniture before you pack it away for the winter.


      To make winter storage a little simpler for you, who do not have space to take your furniture in during the season, we offer specially suitable polyester covers with AeroCover membrane, for the majority of our furniture range.

      These covers are suitable for use all year round. During the summer months, you can use the cover to cover the furniture incl. your cushions when it rains a little as well as at night, in winter to cover for storage.

      Remember to continuously remove water/leaves from your cover otherwise it will not work optimally and the cover will be destroyed.

      In winter and on persistent rainy days in summer, we recommend always you take your cushions indoors.

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