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Press coverage

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We have been lucky enough to get press coverage in an incredible number of different media, magazines, newspapers and TV.

Femina, Alt For Damerne, Bo Bedre, Boligmagasinet, Boligliv, Food & Housing, ALT Interiør, Berlingske Bolig, Børsen,








May 2017 Stock Exchange

May 2017 Berlin

May 2017 Stock Exchange

May 2017

Live Better, April 2017

Femina,  April 2017



Press coverage,  LIVE BETTER Beautiful vase 

Everything for the ladies, March 2017 Bamboo chair.


Feb 2017 Deck chair Bamboo deck chair.


Design the base March 2017 


 Malaga sofa No 8 will be in stock 22 April 2017.


Unique Vase Berlingske Bolig,  May 2016



Femina,  April 2016


Press coverage, FOOD AND HOUSING March 2016


 Femina,  March 2016 


Art Deco 

Nordic tones With ethnic inspiration


Press coverage, Home


Press coverage, Børsen Bolig section


Press coverage, Housing Life


Press coverage,  Bolig Magasinet


Press coverage,  Bolig Magasinet


Press from Bolig Magasinet


Press photo from Design Base



Art Deco