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Bamboo bench

Bamboo is in as never before in modern interior design, and if you dream of adding bamboo to your home inside or out, it is obvious to take a look at our exciting range of beautiful bamboo benches. Bamboo is a robust, sustainable and incredibly beautiful material that goes with most things, and a bamboo bench is perfect for creating small breathing holes for relaxation. Use it outdoors on the terrace or balcony, or find the right bamboo bench for indoor use in, for example, the entrance hall, living room, kitchen or bedroom.


Bamboo benches for your outdoor environment

On this page you will find a wide selection of bamboo benches, which are particularly good in various outdoor environments such as on the terrace, in the conservatory or on the balcony. The bench is a versatile piece of furniture that can be included in various interiors - whether as an alternative to several seats at the dining table on the terrace, or as a garden bench that can be placed in any corner of the garden where you want to enjoy the sun with a cup of coffee. On the balcony, a bamboo bench is also an obvious choice, as the bench can be used both as a seat, as a table or as a place to put plants and Flowerpotr. In this way, a bamboo bench easily serves several purposes in the interior.


Danish design in high quality bamboo

The bamboo benches that you find here at North by North are 100% Danish design. They are just a small part of our large selection of various bamboo furniture, bambooFlowerpotr and other bamboo interiors, which are particularly suitable for use in the garden and other outdoor environments, but which can also easily be used indoors and integrated with your other decor of the home. Bamboo is an exciting material with many good properties, and bamboo does not just go out of style. A bamboo bench is therefore a timeless piece of furniture that can accompany you for many years through several homes and furnishings.


How to best maintain your bamboo bench

It is important that you know how to maintain your bamboo furniture. Like any other natural material, bamboo furniture must be treated on an ongoing basis. This will both extend the life of your bamboo bench and ensure that your bamboo bench looks good throughout several seasons and looks beautiful regardless of the season. At North by North, we have collected a number of good advice and tips on how you can maintain your bamboo furniture. Read more about maintenance here.

If you have questions about storage, treatment of bamboo or questions specifically about our product range, you are very welcome to contact us - we will be happy to guide you.