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Save 15%45% OFF: Bamboo dining table, 6 dining table chairs & rain cover - SOLD OUT IN DK
Abaca birdcage hanging lamp - natural - MAbaca birdcage hanging lamp - natural - M
Abaca Tassel Hanging Lamp - Natural - SAbaca Tassel Hanging Lamp - Natural - S
By Raffia Man - Natural - LBy Raffia Man - Natural - L
By Raffia Man - Natural - L Sale price372,00 kr
By Raffia Man - Natural - MBy Raffia Man - Natural - M
By Raffia Man - Natural - M Sale price298,00 kr
By Simba Spiegel - Natural - MBy Simba Spiegel - Natural - M
By Simba Spiegel - Natural - M Sale price1.295,00 kr
Aphrodisiac hanging lamp - natural - MAphrodisiac hanging lamp - natural - M
Alang Alang Mirror - Natural - MAlang Alang Mirror - Natural - M
The Alang Alang mirror - natural - SThe Alang Alang mirror - natural - S
Alang Cowrie on stand - decorationAlang Cowrie on stand - decoration
Alang shell on stand - decorationAlang shell on stand - decoration
The Alang tree on a stand - decorationThe Alang tree on a stand - decoration
Amalfi hanging lamp - Natural - MAmalfi hanging lamp - Natural - M
Amalfi hanging lamp - Natural - M Sale price1.303,00 kr
Amazing glass cabinet carrikAmazing glass cabinet carrik
Amazing glass cabinet carrik Sale price16.495,00 kr
Ay illuminate lamp with gray paperAy illuminate lamp with gray paper
Ay illuminate lamp with white paperAy illuminate lamp with white paper
Ay Illuminate lamp with white fabricAy Illuminate lamp with white fabric
Ay Illuminate lamp with black paperAy Illuminate lamp with black paper
Bala hanging lamp - black - SBala hanging lamp - black - S
Bala hanging lamp - black - S Sale price559,00 kr
Nano behandling af bambus møblerBamboo Shield + Nano 1L.
Bamboo Shield + Nano 1L. Sale price495,00 kr
Bamboo table 70LX70BX75HBamboo table 70LX70BX75H
Bamboo table 70LX70BX75H Sale price1.895,00 kr
Bambus Daybed - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus Daybed - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo Daybed - LIMITED LOT Sale price10.995,00 kr
Bambus daybed sofa - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus Daybed sofa - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo Daybed Sofa Super Price Sale price9.995,00 kr
Bamboo Daybed sofa with leather cushionBamboo Daybed sofa with leather cushion
Bamboo lounge chair with leather cushionsBamboo lounge chair with leather cushions
Bamboo bookcase 150 cm longBamboo bookcase 150 cm long
Bamboo bookcase 150 cm long Sale price3.995,00 kr
Sold outBamboo sofa 3 people Right 200LX60BX80HBamboo sofa 3 people Right 200LX60BX80H
Sold outBamboo 3-seater sofa with leather cushionsBamboo 3-seater sofa with leather cushions
Bambus Solseng Scandinavien Line - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus Solseng Scandinavien Line - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Save 40%Bambus Spisebord 170LX90BX75H - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus Spisebord 170LX90BX75H - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo Dining Table 170LX90BX75H SOLD OUT IN DENMARK Sale price4.795,00 kr Regular price7.995,00 kr
Sold outBambus spisebord 250Lx100Bx75H - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus spisebord 250Lx100Bx75H - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo dining table 250Lx100Wx75H Sale price13.995,00 kr
Bambus spisebord 90x90x75 - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus spisebord 90x90x75 - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo dining table 90x90x75 Sale price4.995,00 kr
Bamboo dining table Ø115
Bamboo dining table Ø115 Sale price4.495,00 kr
Bambus Stol - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus Stol - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo chair - 2 PCS. Sale price5.995,00 kr
Bamboo chair - 2 PCS. including leather cushionsBamboo chair - 2 PCS. including leather cushions
Bamboo package 2 pcs. 3 seater modular sofas & 1 pc. x OttomanBamboo package 2 pcs. 3 seater modular sofas & 1 pc. x Ottoman
Bambus stolBambus stol
Baby package, dining table 170x90 and 4 Luna dining table chairs SOLD OUT DK