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<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 28 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 28 cm
Flowerpot Bali 28 cm Sale price1.495,00 kr
<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 34 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 34 cm
Flowerpot Bali 34 cm Sale price1.795,00 kr
<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 25 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 25 cm
Flowerpot Bali 25 cm Sale price995,00 kr
<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 20 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 20 cm
Flowerpot Bali 20 cm Sale price795,00 kr
<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 40 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 40 cm
Flowerpot Bali 40 cm Sale price1.795,00 kr
Sold out<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 35 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 35 cm
Flowerpot Bali 35 cm Sale price1.995,00 kr
<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 26 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 26 cm
Flowerpot Bali 26 cm Sale price1.295,00 kr
Sold out<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 46 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 46 cm
Flowerpot Bali 46 cm Sale price2.495,00 kr
<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 35 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 35 cm
Flowerpot Bali 35 cm Sale price1.295,00 kr
Sold out<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 15 cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 15 cm
Flowerpot Bali 15 cm Sale price398,00 kr
<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 40cm<tc>Flowerpot</tc> Bali 40cm
Flowerpot Bali 40cm Sale price2.449,00 kr

Flowerpotr & vases

Indoor Flowerpotr: Aesthetics and Function in One Solution
Indoor Flowerpotr has for many years been a favorite decorative solution for interior design.

They not only create an aesthetic expression in the home, but also give plant life the opportunity to thrive indoors, all year round. But what makes indoor Flowerpotr so special, and how can you optimize your interior design with these?

Advantages of Indoor Flowerpotr

Flexibility: With indoor Flowerpotr you can easily move your plants around the home. This allows you to change the expression of the room, or adapt the lighting conditions for certain plants.
Variation: The Flowerpots come in a myriad of designs, colors and materials, meaning there is an indoor Flowerpot for every taste and style.
Healthy indoor climate: Plants contribute to a better indoor climate by cleaning the air and increasing air humidity. With Flowerpotr you can have plants in every room.