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Since 2008, NorthbyNorth’s experienced designers have been creating beautiful and extremely durable Scandinavian style bamboo furniture.

We work with architects, interior designers and the hospitality industry to deliver customisable Danish design furniture solutions for commercial ventures that provide a unique mix of style, comfort and practicality.

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New technology – 3D

We use the very latest AI technology that allows you see NorthbyNorth’s restaurant, bar and hotel furniture in 3D in your venue.

Why bamboo is perfect for your business:    

Bamboo is the green choice… it’s fast growing flexible and capable of recycling large amounts of CO2. It is quite simply the hottest design material of the future.


eco-chic style

Adaptable and

and durable

Easy to move
and maintain

(no pesticides, artifical fertilizers, herbicides or water used)

Why choose NorthbyNorth’s bamboo furniture

NorthbyNorth’s luxury bamboo furniture is timeless, durable and set at an affordable price point. The clean lines and neutral palette make the furniture extremely versatile with the ability to enhance any space, whether you need furniture for cafes, furniture for restaurants, hotel furniture or you are creating the perfect bamboo interior design scheme for a client.

The range of bamboo modern hospitality furniture products includes, restaurant tables and chairs, bamboo bar stools, sofas, ottomans, tables, daybeds, loungers, armchairs, lounge chairs, side tables, outdoor restaurant furniture. Perfect for your beach club, bar, garden lobby, restaurant, café or office.

We are continually extending our range with new high quality bamboo furniture items already designed and developed, which can be viewed in our online catalogue. You can order from our published range or request bespoke solutions that we perfect suit your venue or your clients’ requirements.

  • Quality & Durability
    Using strong treated bamboo from Vietnam and handmade by skilled craftspeople.
  • Customer Care
    We provide an exceptional-sales and after care service, our team is happy to answer any questions or to provide product advice.
  • Quick delivery
    Quick delivery of partially assembled and packaged ranges, if not looking for customisation.
  • Price guarantee

How we can help your business

Modern hospitality furniture
NorthbyNorth understands the high demands of the hospitality industry and that’s why we will never compromise on quality, durability, style or comfort. All of our premium quality Danish design modern hospitality furniture exudes the ultimate relaxed boho feel, the key to creating a welcoming environment where your clientele can kick back and relax and will want to return again and again.

Our furniture lines are affordable, comfortable and durable, with the added benefit of being easy to move and maintain. All items can be made to your specific requirements and measurements to suit your clientele and Business. Stunning outdoor restaurant furniture that will leave a lasting impression, not just in restaurant but also in hotels, bars, beach clubs and cafes.

Hotel furniture
A holiday begins when you guest steps into your hotel, so your public spaces need to be welcoming, stylish and enticing, so that guests will have happy memories and return time and time again. The hotel furniture needs to attractive, provide a high level of comfort with the ability to withstand constant wear. Whether you are a boutique hotel wanting stand out or large brand with very specific requirements, or maybe you need complete refit, we can work with you to deliver customised solutions to fit the personality of the venue.

Bamboo interior design elements for professionals
As an architect or interior designer, your clients demand the perfect design concept and you must source the furniture items that can deliver the right look and ambiance. NorthbyNorth’s Danish design furniture has a timeless simplicity that works well as an ensemble and as stand-alone pieces.

Bamboo home décor is the green option for clients who insist on stylish, yet sustainable interior design choices. Only mature bamboo is used, no deforestation, no chemicals or irrigation.

How we work

Sustainable commercial furniture solutions
We are passionate about sharing the aesthetic and sustainability of our Danish design bamboo, as it allows businesses to deliver green ethics that will help the planet and appeal to clientele. All our furniture is designed and manufactured in Vietnam where the bamboo is grown and harvested. It is treated and manufactured in a local Vietnamese factory.

The contemporary designs are created local in Vietnam by Danish designers… we offer a new approach to traditional materials. We pride ourselves on the quality of materials used and every item of furniture is handmade to the highest standards and made to last for many years to come. We’ve supplied clients across southern Spain and Denmark creating bespoke solutions. We are sure that your clients will be delighted with the results.

Customisation We have an extensive range of bamboo chairs and tables suitable for indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture. However, we also offer customisation service to ensure every item will perfectly suit your venue and requirements. Working together we can create bespoke pieces of furniture and ranges to suit your specific commercial space, be it wooden tables, bamboo bar stools or bamboo daybeds, ensuring your establishment really stands out. Simply let us know your vision and we will work with you to make it reality.

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Once your luxury bamboo garden furniture has been manufactured by our crafts people in vietnam, it is quality checked, packed and shipped in containers to our warehousing facility before being delivered toyour desired destination via our logistics team.