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Save 45%SÆT: 2.5 meter spisebord og 8 stole - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerSÆT: 2.5 meter spisebord og 8 stole - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo package, 2.5 meter dining table and 8 chairs Sale price20.895,00 kr Regular price37.995,00 kr
Save 45%45% OFF: Bamboo dining table, 6 dining table chairs & rain cover
45% OFF: Bamboo dining table, 6 dining table chairs & rain cover Sale price14.300,00 kr Regular price25.995,00 kr
Save 45%Bambus Spisebord 170LX90BX75H - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus Spisebord 170LX90BX75H - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo Dining Table 170LX90BX75H Sale price4.395,00 kr Regular price7.995,00 kr
Save 45%Bambus spisebord 90x90x75 - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerBambus spisebord 90x90x75 - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Bamboo dining table 90x90x75 Sale price2.749,00 kr Regular price4.995,00 kr
Save 45%Skandinavien Line Bambus table 45LX45BX45H - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerSkandinavien Line Bambus table 45LX45BX45H - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Scandinavia Line Bamboo table 45LX45BX45H Sale price1.095,00 kr Regular price1.995,00 kr
Sold outSave 45%Skandinavien line lounge table 70LX70BX45H - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerSkandinavien line lounge table 70LX70BX45H - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Scandinavia line lounge table 70LX70BX45H - SOLD OUT Sale price1.649,00 kr Regular price2.995,00 kr
Save 45%Ottoman / Lounge bord 112x111x43 - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerOttoman / Lounge bord 112x111x43 - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Ottoman / Lounge table 112x111x43 Sale price3.295,00 kr Regular price5.995,00 kr
Bamboo table 70LX70BX75HBamboo table 70LX70BX75H
Bamboo table 70LX70BX75H Sale price1.895,00 kr
Save 45%Flower table 110LX37BX75H - Northbynorth - Køb BambusmøblerFlower table 110LX37BX75H - Northbynorth - Køb Bambusmøbler
Flower table 110LX37BX75H Sale price629,00 kr Regular price1.145,00 kr


Bamboo table

In recent years, bamboo has become part of the trend in modern interior design - and for good reason. Bamboo is not only a durable and sustainable material, but also very stylish, harmonious and warm in its expression, and it therefore contributes to a very special atmosphere - for example in the form of a stylish bamboo table. Take a look at our selection of bamboo tables on this page and find the one that suits you perfectly, whether for the terrace or inside.

Large selection of bamboo tables from North By North

At North by North, we focus on high quality and sustainability, and this is something that clearly shines through all our furniture. We have a large selection of different bamboo tables - choose e.g. between:

  • Dining tables - find beautiful bamboo dining tables in different sizes that can decorate your terrace or dining room.
  • Lounge tables - we have both bamboo tables for the garden and conservatory, so you can create a cozy lounge atmosphere.
  • Mini tables – use them as a table next to the sunbed, a corner table for the sofa or put them together in small sets as a coffee table.

All our bamboo tables are Danish design and handmade in Vietnam, and you can therefore be sure that they meet all environmental and design standards. If you have any questions about some of our products or the bamboo material, you are always welcome to contact us - we will be happy to guide you and tell you about our products.