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Article: 4 reasons to choose bamboo furniture

4 grunde til at vælge bambusmøbler
bambus møbler

4 reasons to choose bamboo furniture

Did you know that bamboo has been used as a building material for over 5,000 years? This is due to the many good properties of the plant. In recent years, bamboo has become increasingly popular, not only for its practical use, but also for its aesthetic qualities. Bamboo is now used for many different kinds of furniture.

Here you get 4 reasons why people prefer furniture made of the super strong and sustainable bamboo.

Beautiful to look atå

First, bamboo is beautiful to look at. The clear, light natural color goes perfectly with other furniture. Color and structure also go well with nature in the garden. With bamboo garden furniture, you can upgrade your terrace in several ways. Your bamboo furniture looks elegant and comfortable in itself, and with a tall bamboo shelter you can shade the outdoor bamboo furniture  and create a cozy atmosphere in the garden.

Most people probably know that bamboo is hollow in the middle. That structure makes it ideal for making light, yet sturdy furniture. This means you can easily lift and move a large bamboo dining table.

Another interesting feature of the bamboo plant is that you can make chimes from bamboo reeds. When the wind catches the pipes, the cavity will create beautiful sounds.

Bamboo is also a symbol of longevity. The plant can survive in harsh weather conditions and yet remain fresh and green all year round.

Robust And Durable

Another important property that distinguishes bamboo from other materials is that it is resistant to moisture and insects. This is one of the reasons why NorthbyNorth has chosen to produce long-lasting, high-quality bamboo furniture.

In addition, bamboo is weather resistant. It does not swell or contract - or change color when it is affected by water or sun (such as wood, plastic and some types of fabric). That's why NorthbyNorth has developed a sun- and weather-resistant cover for the cushions that come with our outdoor bamboo furniture.

 Bamboo can withstand all climatic conditions, therefore it is used not only for furniture, but also as a building material. Since bamboo pipes are very flexible, they are used in earthquake-prone areas because they can absorb and withstand vibrations. This means that NorthbyNorth's bamboo furniture is not delicate or fragile.

Bamboo has a very high growth rate, which means that the plant grows back quickly after it is cut down and harvested. It puts out new shoots immediately after it has been cut down.

Bamboo contains sikitic acid, which is fire retardant - so your bamboo chair will not easily burst into flames.

Many Shapes and Expressions 

There are more than 1,000 different species of bamboo, which can grow from a few cm to 40 meters tall! It offers unimaginable possibilities for making different furniture and much more; everything from bamboo chairs, -tables, -sofas, -sunbedse, -lamps for bamboo curtains.

Bamboo is also available in different colours. The most popular are yellow, green and brown, which go well with other furniture. Today, bamboo is not only used for furniture, but also as a decoration on the house wall or as screens on the terrace to create more privacy.

In East Asia, bamboo is considered a raw material that can be used for everything, - yes, it is even an important ingredient in many dishes (e.g. bamboo shoots). Truly a versatile material!


Bamboo grows faster than any other woody plant in the world. To grow and spread, it requires very few pesticides, fertilizers and almost no watering, making it easy to work with. In addition, bamboo is the largest species of grass in existence, and bamboo can grow in all climates, from cold mountainous regions to hot tropical regions, under all different weather conditions.So all in all, there is no better material to use for outdoor furniture

Bamboo plays an important role in fighting poverty as it grows in the world's poorest countries. It offers many job opportunities, from the annual harvest to the production of handmade bamboo furniture. So why not support this by owning your own bamboo furniture?

Bamboo is easy to maintain. You can clean the furniture with a cloth with a little soap and water. If you want to keep bamboo looking like new for years, try our Bamboo Shield. Forget about spending several hours a week to clean your garden furniture!

NorthbyNorth's bamboo furniture not only gives you beautiful and sturdy, handmade furniture, it is also a long-lasting and sustainable choice. You can view our large selection of bamboo furniture in our online store at www.northbynorth.com.


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