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Article: Sustainable bamboo

NorthByNorth Bamboo Furniture Store in Denmark

Sustainable bamboo

Do you need new garden furniture and do you want to make a sustainable choice? Then bamboo is the right thing to investigate. Not only is bamboo aesthetically pleasing with its clean and natural look, it is also one of the most environmentally friendly choices you can make when choosing garden furniture. There are several reasons why bamboo is a sustainable choice, and in this post we will go into why this is so.

Why is bamboo environmentally friendly?

Environmental friendliness is a broad concept. It can refer to a sustainable material, a sustainable process, a sustainable lifespan and much more. Bamboo is sustainable on several points, and we will review them here:

o   Bamboo is a resource that is never depleted

The bamboo variety grows quickly compared to other trees – in fact, it can grow up to 1 meter a day. In addition, you don't harvest the newest stems, so they have plenty of room to grow big.

o   Bamboo is extra durable

Bamboo's surface is generally far more durable than most other types of wood. There is bark here to protect against the trunk, but bamboo has a hardness in itself that surpasses both beech, oak and ash. The hard-wearing material means that the durability and service life are long, as long as the processing is done properly.

o   Bamboo contributes positively to CO2 development

Bamboo is the plant that releases the most oxygen – in fact up to 35% more than ordinary trees. In addition, the bamboo also recirculates large amounts of CO2. Once again, this is a consequence of the bamboo's fast-growing stems, completely without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

NorthByNorth manufactures in bamboo


All our products are designed and developed by Danish cabinetmakers, after which the furniture is handmade in the finest way. This ensures the highest quality, which we are proud to offer to all our customers. At NorthByNorth, we offer bamboo furniture at a fair price – typically as much as 40% cheaper compared to others – and you can therefore with good reason buy your bamboo furniture here from us.

Have you fallen in love with the properties of bamboo and the irresistible and clean look that bamboo garden furniture gives on the terrace? Then you can explore our selection of bamboo furniture right here

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