Durability of bamboo garden furniture

Durability of bamboo garden furniture

Bamboo garden furniture: How durable is natural furniture made from bamboo?

There are three main factors to take into consideration when choosing high quality garden furniture; aesthetics, comfort and durability.  Luckily, stylish Scandinavian furniture made from super hardwearing bamboo ticks all of these boxes. 

Bamboo garden furniture is continually growing in popularity, not only due to its green credentials, but also because it has the ability to fit seamlessly in most outdoor (and indoor) spaces. Whether you have a large private garden, terrace or a small balcony, it is possible to find a bamboo living room set, lounger, day bed or a small foldaway bistro table and chairs that will fit perfectly. 

Back to the question of durability, you may have been advised to choose bamboo because of its durable qualities, but is this really the case?

50-year lifespan

Bamboo is not strictly a tree in the usual sense. Trees have bark, branches and a trunk that grows wider as the tree ages, whereas bamboo has hard hollow stems. It is feted for its sustainable growth and extremely long shelf life.  Untreated bamboo isn’t particularly durable, but when treated it can have a lifespan lasting up to 50 years.  Which means that if you invest in bamboo garden furniture when correctly maintained it can last for years and years. 

Maintaining your bamboo terrace furniture

At NorthByNorth, our aim is to produce furniture of the highest quality and timeless style, so that you enjoy them for many years. All of our bamboo is grown and harvested in Vietnam, it is also treated to ensure no living organisms can survive in the wood and ensuring a long lifespan.  That said, bamboo is a natural material and therefore it needs to be regularly maintained in order to preserve its longevity. 

Cleaning bamboo

Even the warmest climates can experience changeable weather, so it’s important to remember that should your bamboo garden furniture get wet in the rain or damp due to condensation,  it will need to be dried off. In addition, you should clean natural furniture properly at least twice a year with a cloth and soapy water. If possible, it is better to store the bamboo furniture indoors or at least cover the furniture loosely, making sure there is adequate ventilation to let the air circulate.  

Value for money

There is no doubt that bamboo is a durable material, which is just one of the reasons why we enjoy making beautiful boho outdoor furniture that can last for a lifetime. NorthbyNorth’s furniture is designed and developed by Danish furniture makers and each piece is handmade. 

It is important to us that we can sell our products at a value for money price. Many of our products are available via NorthbyNorth’s Scandinavian furniture store as much 40% cheaper than elsewhere.


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