Now that 2021 is here, as a provider of high-quality outdoor furniture our thoughts turn towards the latest trends for homes and gardens. Talk of decoration usually applies to the interior of your home but this shouldn’t be the case, your garden is also an important space and when given the correct consideration it can also became a magical place with bags of personality.

It doesn’t matter the size or location, whether urban, a balcony, large rambling plot or even indoors, the first step is to decide the purpose and what you would like to achieve. Should it be a children-friendly haven, a social space adorned with beautiful understated natural furniture or a colourful and restful space.

To help you get some design ideas, here are some of the best ideas for 2021 as reported by

Trend 1. Get the wow factor with bohemian small gardens
It’s still possible to create the wow factor with the very small garden by choosing your decoration and furnishings carefully. Use clever tricks with lighting and garlands and lamps for a vintage vibe. Boho, rustic style small tables and chairs, such as Northbynorth’s handmade bamboo furniture would be ideal to make an enchantingly cosy, yet completely practical space.

Trend 2. Bring city chic to urban gardens
As its name suggests, urban gardening is a term used for the cultivation of small city centre outside spaces. As long as people have lived in cities there has been a desire to beautify outside space no matter how limited, and today it has really come to the forefront of horticultural design. Even the smallest balconies are currently benefitting from super cool vertical gardens and raised beds. Experimentation with materials and different ideas is expected to continue into 2021.

Trend 3. Create layers of interest with raised beds.Experimentation with materials and different ideas is expected to continue into 2021.
As touched upon briefly, raised beds are going to be one of the big stories for 2021. They look great and they’re user friendly, no bending down necessary when tending to the plants. Of course, traditional shaped raised beds have been around for a while and are particularly popular in Germany, but in 2021 we’ll see more interesting shapes, with different levels. Instead of uniform rows of beds, think tiers of different colours, textures and heights, making it possible to pack in more punch and maybe dabble in unusual herb and spice beds. Even better, building raised beds can be a simple task for any DIYer whilst providing a solution for those short on space.

Trend 4. Construct a stylish outdoor living space
Increasingly gardens, terraces and even balconies are seen not only as a private oasis, they are also considered an extra living room outside. High quality outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements are essential, forget a generic wooden bench, parasol or plastic chairs, today it is possible to buy stylish bamboo chairs, tables and daybeds, to create a comfortable sitting room outdoors. 2021 will be the year for ‘lounging spaces’, with hanging chairs and dramatic long dining tables (space permitting). North by North’s ‘cottage’ bamboo dining table will be bang on trend!

Trend 5. Go for grey…it’s the new black
Shabby chic in the garden is set to retain its popularity for accessories. However, the big news for 2021 is that the colour grey will be added to the pastel colour palette. This could be adopted in the form of flowerpots, parasols or pillows. High quality wood furniture will often offer a choice of seat covers for the plush pillows. North by North is currently offering a stylish anthracite / dark grey armchair, deckchair and sun lounger covers.
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