The best garden furniture

The best garden furniture

Choosing the right high quality outdoor furniture

Bamboo living room sets are perfect for both indoors and outside, ideal for bringing a touch of boho chic to your home or garden. 

If, like millions of others who live in a cooler climate, you spend every possible moment outside at the first sign of the sunshine, you may be wondering how you should dress your outdoor space to its best advantage. In which case the first question would be…have you considered buying bamboo patio furniture? 

When summer finally arrives, what could be better than having already prepared your garden or terrace, so that it is perfectly decorated and ready for you to start soaking up the sunshine.  There is nothing more relaxing than to sit back and read book or listen to music in comfortable armchair, sun-lounger or maybe a stylish bamboo daybed. Add to this a small side table, at just the right height for resting a refreshing long cold drink. Doesn’t’ that sound appealing? 

Here are our top tips for choosing the right garden furniture, so that you choose items that will work for you throughout all seasons, for years and years. 


OK so you find the perfect looking sofa, chair or sunbed, but it is no good if it is not comfortable, as you want to be able to relax. If you have the opportunity, go and try the furniture before buying, and also read reviews and descriptions to get a sense of others’ opinions.

Pay attention to whether the furniture provides the right level of support for your arms, back and legs when you sit down. The cushions are also crucial for comfort, they should preferably be produced in a material that is comfortable yet will not overheat in the sun. 


You don’t need to have an expert eye to understand the best shapes and sizes for your space, but you most likely have an idea in your minds’ eye as to how you want your garden or terrace to look. Remember, you may not be able to achieve the exact look that you have seen in a magazine or store due to restrictions on space etc. but you can choose furniture that will match your garden to create the right vibe.  


Consider where you intend to place the furniture before you buy it. How much space is you have for the furniture and for people to move around. Is the ground level, are there any obstacles that would prevent a chair of table being level? Of course, not forgetting where you think the furniture would look good. 


You can find garden furniture in a wide variety of materials. Some are completely maintenance-free, and others require a lot of care to keep them in good condition. One important consideration is whether you can cover or store the furniture during the winter, as this can affect how much maintenance it may require. So, the question is, how much time do you have to spend on maintenance? 


It’s possible to find garden furniture at all price points, but obviously cut-price versions available from a DIY centre cannot be expected to have the same staying power, as a better-quality piece.  
If on the other hand, you go for a high-quality outdoor furniture, available in-store and you can check out NorthbyNorth’s Scandinavian furniture online. 

At NorthByNorth, you can choose from a wide range of bamboo garden furniture, which is extremely hardwearing and durable.  At the same time, the Scandinavian design offers a natural simple style, that will fit in with any type of scheme.  

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