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Article: The best garden furniture

Bamboo sunbed in garden

The best garden furniture

Good weather in Denmark is not a given, and therefore it is just a matter of taking advantage of it on the terrace when it is finally warm and the sun is shining. There is nothing better than leaning back in comfortable garden furniture with a good book or music in your ears, while the cool drink is on the garden table - does that sound appealing? Then you certainly also know how important it is to have good garden furniture.

Furniture for the garden - how to choose the right ones

In this post, we will teach you how to choose the right garden furniture that you can enjoy season after season!


The furniture may be nice, but it's not worth much if you don't like sitting in it. Comfort is therefore one of the most important things when choosing garden furniture. If you have the opportunity, you can go out and try the furniture before buying, but you can also read reviews and descriptions to get a feel for the seating comfort.

Pay attention to whether the furniture provides optimal support for both arms, back and legs when you sit down. In addition, the cushions are also crucial for comfort, and they should ideally be produced in a material that is comfortable and does not get too heated by the sun.


Some don't care about the design, but most care about the garden looking nice. When you are looking for garden furniture, you therefore most likely have an idea of ​​how the design should be. Remember to keep the house and garden in mind, so you choose furniture that matches this.


Consider where the furniture will be placed before you buy it. How much space is there for them to stand? Is the substrate stable or unstable? The most optimal is of course a stable surface where smaller chairs will not stand and wobble.


You can find garden furniture in a wide range of materials. Some materials are completely maintenance-free, and others require a lot of care to keep them looking good. Consider whether you have the opportunity to put the garden furniture away out of season - or at least cover it. In addition, you must also think about how much time you want to spend looking after your garden furniture.


Although you can get a set of cheap garden furniture in hardware stores, you can't count on them to last season after season. If, on the other hand, you go for good quality and acquire a set of good materials, you can enjoy the garden furniture for many years.

Choose garden furniture from NorthByNorth

At NorthByNorth you can get garden furniture in bamboo, which is a hard-wearing and durable material. At the same time, it is extremely aesthetic to look at if you enjoy the clean and natural look. Would you like to take a closer look at our selection? Then you can look here

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