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Article: Furniture for the terrace

Bamboo furniture in terrace summer

Furniture for the terrace

Are you lucky enough to have a terrace? Then it's just a matter of making the best use of the outdoor space with furniture. With a well-furnished terrace, there is plenty of opportunity to invite the family to a delicious barbecue, treat friends to tasty summer drinks or simply sit back in your own company with a good book.

When the weather is good, the terrace is a place to stay in the same way as the living room is when the rain pours down. And if you have arranged yourself with comfortable furniture, then there is nothing cozier than snuggling up with blankets and candles when the season has become a little cooler. Are you looking for the right patio furniture? So read along here.

How to find the best patio furniture

It can be difficult to find the right patio furniture. There are many factors that come into play, and sometimes the nicest is not the most practical.

Often, a terrace is larger than a balcony, and in this connection there is ample opportunity to acquire slightly larger furniture, where you can perhaps both sit with a dinner, but also relax. In your search for the right garden furniture, you can benefit from considering these three factors:

  • How much do you value comfort?
    Should your garden furniture be a place where you can enjoy a refreshing drink with a few friends, or should you also be able to take a nap in the sun every now and then? Consider how much comfort you need so that you can make the most of your time on the terrace.
  • Do you care about the appearance of the terrace?
    Terrace furniture can have a multitude of expressions, and everyone knows that our preferences are taste and comfort. It can be an art to find just the right patio furniture that has both top comfort and the right look.
  • How much maintenance can you afford?
    Many garden furniture require maintenance! Some simply need to be cleaned every now and then, while others need oil and various remedies to preserve the appearance and quality. Do you already know that you are not going to oil your garden furniture? Then you can go specifically for some that do not have a high maintenance.

    Are you looking for patio lounge furniture?

    At NorthByNorth we care about both design, comfort and high quality - and we ourselves believe that we have created a series of handmade and sustainable garden furniture that meets all requirements - including a good and fair price. Our bamboo lounge furniture

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