Bamboo garden furniture for the terrace

Bamboo garden furniture for the terrace

If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, you can make the very best of your outdoor space by choosing super stylish white bamboo outdoor furniture. The style for lazy summer days. 

A well-appointed terrace, especially when equipped with beautiful Scandinavian furniture, is a highly sought-after feature of any home, providing the perfect space to socialise with friends and family, for barbeques, drinks, parties, and just as important, for enjoying your own company while relaxing in the sunshine with a good book.  

When the summer arrives, your terrace becomes the main focus, it is like a second living room with the added bonus of fresh air and sunshine!  So why not decorate and furniture it with the same care and attention to detail that you would inside your home.  NorthbyNorth bamboo furniture store has a wide range of handmade bamboo furniture. When the weather turns, add some blankets, candles and cushions, make the space cosy and inviting. 

How to find the best patio furniture

It can be difficult to find the right patio furniture. There are many factors that come into play, and sometimes the nicest is not the most practical. The beauty of bamboo terrace furniture is that is can be both attractive and extremely durable. 

Often a terrace is larger than a balcony, providing the opportunity to kit it out with slightly larger furniture, allowing you to both sit and dine but also to relax. Here are three important points to take into account when selecting the right garden furniture:

  • Comfort vs function
    Do you see yourself mainly relaxing, kicking back on a sun lounger or daybed or do you see yourself inviting friends and family to dine al-fresco? It’s important to consider whether you need to acquire a few large comfortable pieces of furniture or if you prefer to create a more social space. 
  • Appearance
    Patio furniture is available in a wealth different designs and materials, and everyone has their own preference. However, more and more people are discovering the beauty of bamboo garden furniture, in particular Scandinavian design furniture.  It is appreciated for its simplicity and boho beauty and its ability to fit with any type of decoration. 
  • Maintenance
    Garden furniture by nature is open to the elements so will need to be maintained, this could mean treating with oil and various other products to preserve the look and quality. Before deciding which type of furniture to buy, it is a good idea to investigate the level of maintenance required for different types of materials. 

    At NorthByNorth, we focus on design, comfort and high quality - and we believe that we have created a series of handmade and sustainable garden furniture that meets all requirements, all available at fair value for money prices.  




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