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Article: NorthbyNorth expands with warehouse in Spain

Bamboo furniture in Alicante
bambus møbler

NorthbyNorth expands with warehouse in Spain

NorthbyNorth has opened a new warehouse in Valencia. This means that our high quality bamboo garden furniture ranges are now available to customers in Spain faster than ever before! This additional European warehouse and distribution location enables companies and individual customers to benefit from a more cost- and time-efficient delivery service, which means faster delivery when decorating your terrace, garden or restaurant in Spain.


Danish design bamboo furniture storage

The new warehouse will have the entire range of bamboo garden furniture, which is particularly popular among those who appreciate the simple aesthetics of Danish-designed Scandinavian furniture. Also in stock is the entire commercial range, including furniture for restaurants and hotel furniture.


Expansion of the Spanish market

Since its launch in Denmark, NorthbyNorth has stood for sustainability. That message has been welcomed by Scandinavian expats who already love the minimalist style. Now many Spanish companies have also fallen in love with NorthbyNorth's outdoor restaurant furniture. The atmosphere the furniture creates is perfect for beach restaurants. We already have several chiringuitos (beach restaurants)  on the Costa del Sol and restaurants and hotels in Ibiza among our ever growing Spanish clientele.


How NorthbyNorth can help your business

The quality, durability and comfort of NorthbyNorth's modern bamboo furniture is perfect for all types of businesses. They are particularly relevant to a place like Spain with its warm climate and outdoor lifestyle. What could be better than creating a smart, relaxed environment where customers hang out and make them want to come back again and again.

To ensure NorthbyNorth's furniture is the perfect fit for any business, all furniture can be customized to exact specifications and sizes. Our relaxed bamboo furniture will impress customers in hotels, bars, beach clubs, cafes and restaurants.


Hotel furniture

The NorthbyNorth team understands that a vacation begins as soon as a guest enters a hotel. So it is crucial to make the foyer, lounge, bar and terraces as appealing and comfortable as possible. NothbyNorth's bamboo furniture is made from mature Vietnamese bamboo, making it extremely strong and durable, ensuring it can survive scratches, bumps and hard use and still look great.

We offer personalized solutions to ensure that all hotel furniture fits the venue, whether it is a small boutique hotel or a large chain, the same attention to detail applies. Furthermore, our new warehouse in Valencia means that delivery will be faster.


Bamboo interior design

Another area of ​​growth is within the interior design industry. The timeless simplicity of NorthbyNorth's Scandinavian bamboo furniture fits well into many contemporary interior designs.


NorthbyNorth Quality Guarantee

The quality of our Vietnamese bamboo and Danish design is constant throughout our global operations. All our bamboo furniture is made by dedicated craftsmen in Vietnam. Only mature bamboo is used and tested for quality before being packed and sent to our warehouses.

All products stored in our warehouse in Valencia will follow the same strict quality control. Delivery times will depend on the size of the order and whether there are any custom items.

If you would like more information about NorthbyNorth's contemporary bamboo furniture, please visit the Professional Buyers page on our website or contact


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