Why you should consider Scandinavian design furniture

Why you should consider Scandinavian design furniture

Scandinavia has shared many innovations with the rest of the world, including Skype, Spotify and Tetra Pak’s, now one of the largest movements to come out of the region is Scandinavian design furniture.

When we think of Scandinavian design furniture, we imagine refined, elegant and understated pieces that have the power to elevate any home, garden or commercial space, which accounts for the increasing popularly amongst homeowners and businesses.

So, where did it all start? The seeds of the today’s Scandinavian design furniture date back to the Viking era. However, the ‘Scandinavian design movement’ actually began in the 20th century and really started to catch the imagination of European homeowners during the 1950s and its popularity has continued to grow up until this day.

The fascination with features of Scandinavian design furniture is due to the simplicity, minimalism and functionality, which are three characteristics that every homeowner can appreciate when choosing their furniture.

Yet, there are many more reasons why more and more people are decorating their homes in the Scandinavian style. Here are just a few:

Neutral colour palette

One of the many characteristics of Scandinavian design furniture and interior design schemes is the subtle colour palette of neutrals, designed to maximize light and space. This applies across all types of Scandinavian architecture, interiors and types of furniture, including NorthbyNorth’s luxury outdoor furniture ranges, each created using blond bamboo material and neutral cushions and accessories. Nordic design has a slightly ethereal feel to it, comprising whites, greys, tans and beige throughout. These neutral colours make it very easy to mix and match different styles and ranges of furniture in any room, terrace or garden.

Less is more

Scandinavian furniture features sharp crisp lines and balanced proportions, as a result, it enhances a space rather than dominates, making a room seem bigger than it is. The concept of providing ‘less to achieve more’, results in lighter and more spacious rooms.

Timeless design

The aesthetics of Scandinavian design furniture is timeless, there are no grandiose item, instead well thought out understated pieces designed to work together or as one. As mentioned earlier, the era of Nordic furniture was established in the 1950s and unlike other trends that have come and gone like linoleum floors and bright vinyl diner style chairs, Scandinavian design furniture’s popularity continues to grow.

Quality adds value

High quality handmade Scandinavian design furniture, in particular the minimalist bamboo luxury outdoor furniture and high-quality garden furniture created by NorthbyNorth, is recognized as a good investment for both commercial spaces and private homes. The craftsmanship, neutral palette and understated design all add value to a space.

Bamboo Danish Design Furniture

Originally, Scandinavian furniture was created using wood, which still features heavily in many Scandinavian homes. However, this does not have to be the case, companies such as NorthbyNorth have recognized the durability, beauty and sustainability of bamboo. All of NorthbyNorth’s handmade furniture is created using treated mature bamboo, and if correctly maintained it can last a life time.

NorthbyNorth is a strong advocate of Scandinavian design furniture, all ranges are Danish designed by experienced furniture designers. Our luxury outdoor furniture sets bamboo tables, bamboo chairs, daybeds, loungers, dining tables, ottomans, benches, sofas and much more.

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