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Article: Why handmade bamboo furniture is the future

Hvorfor håndlavede bambusmøbler er fremtiden

Why handmade bamboo furniture is the future

Why not make your home or garden even more beautiful with some handmade bamboo furniture.

When creating a new interior design, it is important to stay ahead of current trends, such as the ever-increasing popularity of natural bamboo sets, which are ideal for both indoors and outdoors. The light color and simple style of the material can give your home, your garden or your terrace a unique touch.

Usually when we think of handmade furniture, we think of quality, history and very often expensive furniture, whereas today the trend is more towards fast furniture and flatpacks.

But if you are looking for originality and quality, you know that handmade furniture never goes out of fashion. A timeless classic that never loses its appeal and will work with almost any design style - this is our vision for NorthbyNorth. Our luxury bamboo garden furniture can add a unique touch both to a home terrace, and if set up for example in a restaurant or bar, it can create a pleasant cozy atmosphere, inviting people in and making them want to return.

NorthbyNorth creates handmade Danish-designed bamboo furniture in Vietnam, where our bamboo is grown, harvested and processed. We pay attention to detail and this is repeated in each and every one of our bamboo furniture. We strive to create beautiful bamboo furniture that will adorn your home or business for many years to come.

Here are just some of the reasons why we are strong advocates of handmade bamboo furniture:

Handmade furniture is sustainable

NorthbyNorth's natural bamboo furniture is made by local artisans and is created using only environmentally friendly products. Bamboo grows faster than other types of wood and grows back much faster after it is cut down. The longer you let bamboo grow, the stronger it becomes. Therefore, NorthbyNorth only uses mature bamboo to make the extremely strong bamboo patio furniture. This is also why bamboo tables are much stronger and more durable than other wooden tables.

It benefits the locals

All our bamboo comes from bamboo plantations in Vietnam. Furthermore, our factories where the furniture is produced are located close to these plantations. Local Vietnamese workers are employed in all our factories, ensuring local jobs for local people and guaranteeing that all our bamboo garden furniture is of a consistently high quality.


Our high-quality outdoor bamboo furniture is designed by an extremely talented and experienced Danish furniture design team, who create Scandinavian-inspired furniture that fits equally well in Denmark, Sweden or Spain. It is our vision to create handmade natural bamboo furniture instead of mass-produced furniture. Therefore, North by North can offer a range of uniquely designed, high-quality bamboo furniture.

As bamboo "aficionados", North by North understands the precious qualities of the material, an understanding shared by those interested in handmade furniture. No piece of bamboo is the same, creating an interesting relaxed boho feel.

There is no doubt that handmade is the future ...

For more information about NorthbyNorth's bamboo furniture store visit northbynorth.com

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