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Article: Furniture for the balcony

Bamboo chair details

Furniture for the balcony

A summer dinner under the open sky - is there anything better? And when you have a balcony, you have plenty of opportunity to make the most of every warm summer evening! But it can be an art in itself to decorate the balcony properly. Because how do you want to use your balcony, how much space do you have and how do you find your way around the many options?

Do you need new garden furniture for your balcony?

Maybe you just need a small table and chairs where you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee or have a simple dinner. If you have a little extra space, you can also choose a small lounge set where you can both eat your dinner but also sit back for pure relaxation. There is a wide range of options with the bamboo furniture here from NorthByNorth, which ensures both comfort, aesthetics and minimal maintenance.

With bamboo furniture for the balcony, you can keep a simple and clean look with products that do not seem too heavy in an area where the space must be utilized as well as possible. You can also create a complete oasis with bamboo furniture, throws in soothing colors and atmospheric plants. In other words, it's just a matter of developing your creative abilities so that you get an outdoor space according to your wishes.

Smart balcony furniture from NorthByNorth

We can spend a long time decorating our home, and in the same way you can also ensure your best balcony life by making the right considerations when choosing garden furniture:

  • Consider what you want to get out of your balcony. Social moments with friends, a vegetable garden with all kinds of herbs or just the right spot in the sun? The possibilities are many!
  • Think about the style you want to create. Perhaps the expression should be an extension of your interior design, but it could also be that you want to try something new.
  • Choose furniture based on comfort, design, location and maintenance. The furniture must of course suit your taste and be comfortable to sit in. In addition, you must think about where the furniture fits on your balcony, as well as how much maintenance you want.

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