Handmade bamboo furniture for the balcony

Handmade bamboo furniture for the balcony

To create an enjoyable outdoor dining experience on your balcony, all you need to do is to find the right proportioned bamboo garden furniture. Luckily NorthbyNorth’s bamboo furniture store has the perfect solution. Nothing announces the arrival of summer like an al-fresco dinner! There is nothing quite so magical, relaxed or uplifting that dining outside in the warm weather. You don’t necessarily need a large garden or a terrace, all you need is a balcony and the right mix of smaller pieces of bamboo garden furniture. What’s more decorating small spaces can be fun and can be considered an art. Have you considered your options?

Do you need new garden furniture for your balcony?

We’ve mentioned eating outdoors in the summer, for which you would need a small bistro style table andmatching bamboo chairs. Yet you may prefer a more laid-back space furnished with a small bamboo living room set,

Scandinavian furniture aesthetics When using bamboo furniture on your balcony, you can create a simple clean look that is essential for a small space, and completely up to the minute in interior design trends. The cool white shades of bamboo outdoor furniture, are not only stylish, they create the illusion of space.

Smart balcony furniture from NorthByNorth

We can spend a long time decorating our home and planning the furnishings and upholstery, and it’s just as important to put the same time and effort into creating a beautiful outdoor space on your balcony. When space is limited, it is essential to make the right decisions. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices:

  • Purpose: Consider what you want to use the balcony for; a social space, a kitchen garden with all types of wonderful fresh herbs, a spot for sunbathing or maybe a little bit of everything!!
  • Style: Think about the look and feel that you would like to achieve. Do you want it to continue the theme from indoors or maybe you want to try something completely different and new?
  • Furniture: The furniture you choose must first and foremost must serve the purpose and secondly it has to fit the space. Other considerations are, whether it will be comfortable, durable and easily maintained.

NorthbyNorth’s bamboo garden furniture is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, all created to high specifications guaranteeing comfort and durability. There is a choice of options that would be perfect for a balcony

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