How to include bamboo in your Scandinavian furniture designs

How to include bamboo in your Scandinavian furniture designs

If you want to adopt the very latest in interior design, you should be looking at bamboo living room sets. Bamboo is a special type of plant, which differs from other woods in many respects, both in terms of appearance and maintenance. Still, bamboo is currently at the forefront of interior design and stands out for its warm earthy tones and natural qualities. Are you one of those who have fallen in love with bamboo? Here are some ideas of how you can use bamboo furniture outside and indoors, and achieve a cool laidback Scandinavian furniture vibe.

Imagine you are on holiday

NorthbyNorth’s white bamboo outdoor furniture  range includes a super cool bamboo daybed. Position it in the sunshine in your garden or conservatory and imagine that you in a sun-drenched Southern European location. The look and feel of the bamboo furniture and plush padded cushions make it look like you are on holiday, add to this a long cool drink and a relaxing snooze in the sunshine and the picture is complete.

Finishing touches

You can personalise your bamboo garden furniture with different coloured cushions, and decorate the space with lanterns and plants, or choose your own favourite finishing touches to complete the mood. This type of furniture is ideal if you don’t want to specifically prioritise a dining space, instead placing the emphasis on catching the sun and relations.

A natural bamboo corner sofa

You can also choose a dining table with matching bamboo chairs to create a truly holiday atmosphere. A bamboo garden table adds a charm and lightness you won't find in other materials - making it the perfect setting for cosy barbecues with friends and family!

Enjoy an exotic dinner in an atmospheric setting

Do you love the idea of small bamboo elements dotted around your home or garden? Then you should consider adding a few bamboo benches  to your interior scheme. They are so flexible and can fit in small spaces and offer a place for vases or other ornaments that you want to display or items that you would like kept close to hand.

The furniture for a full-time sunbather

Is there only one answer to where to find you when the sun is shining? Then there's no doubt that you need to invest in a bamboo sunbed for your garden! Here you can enjoy life hour after hour with comfort at its best. 

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