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Article: Furnishing with bamboo

Bamboo Furniture in Garden

Furnishing with bamboo

Bamboo is a special wood material that differs from other wood in many respects - both in terms of appearance and maintenance. Nevertheless, bamboo storms forward in the interior design scene, where it is excellent for warm earth colors and natural expressions. Are you one of those who have fallen in love with bamboo? Then here you will get some ideas for how you can use bamboo in the interior - both indoors and outdoors.

Dream towards southern skies in the garden

With a bamboo daybed you can almost skip the trip to Southern Europe and stay in the garden or conservatory instead. The bamboo look and the light cushions quickly make the area look like a holiday destination, and here there is plenty of opportunity to sit upright with a drink in hand, but also take a nap in the sun.

You can decorate with cushions in earthy colours, lanterns and green plants, which put the finishing touches on just the right atmosphere. This solution is a good choice for you who do not want to prioritize dining space, but instead value relaxation.

A natural sofa corner

Regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is cozy with a sofa corner where you can gather for good conversations and a cup of coffee. With lounge furniture you can put together the furniture yourself so that it creates the sofa corner of your dreams. Combine lounge sofas, tables and chairs for a suitable expression.

Enjoy an exotic dinner in an atmospheric setting

You can also choose a dining table with matching bamboo chairs to create a complete holiday atmosphere. A bamboo garden table contributes a charm and lightness that you won't find in other materials - as well as the perfect setting for cozy barbecue evenings with friends and family!

Small bamboo touches in any room

Are you crazy about the idea of ​​small bamboo elements around the home or garden? Then bamboo benches and ottomans are the solution! Here you can place plants, vases with flowers or other decorative objects that can draw some nature into the home.

The furniture for a full-time sunbather

Is there only one answer to where to find you when the sun is shining? Then there is no doubt that you should invest in a bamboo sunbed for the garden! Here you can enjoy life hour after hour with maximum comfort.

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