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Article: Get your terrace or garden ready for summer with these 6 tips

Gør din terrasse eller have sommerklar med disse 6 tips

Get your terrace or garden ready for summer with these 6 tips

Does your terrace need a makeover this summer? With spring just around the corner, it will soon be bright and sunny, the perfect conditions to start enjoying parties and socializing in the garden or on the terrace. But is your garden or terrace ready for summer?

If your patio is looking a bit boring, or maybe you're just tired of rattan, it might be time to upgrade to some super stylish bamboo garden furniture. If that's true for you, read on here: We have 6 tips to make your outdoor area an inviting place where you want to hang out with friends and family.


1. Out with the old and in with the new

Often things that have no specific place in our homes find their way to the corner of the terrace, balcony or garden. So perhaps the winter is over - and when summer comes, we are faced with a mess that demands our attention.

There is nothing better than clearing out the old and making room for the new. It gives good energy, and suddenly we can see our garden or terrace in a different light. Starting with a clean canvas is a great feeling. This allows you to see the room clearly and take advantage of the size and scale without being distracted. This also applies to old furniture that is damaged, worn out or just doesn't work for you  anymore. Out with them!


2. Update, upgrade and renew

After you have cleaned up, you can now concentrate on giving your outdoor area a facelift. Now it's all about cleaning and general maintenance so everything is in shape for the summer! Take a good look at the floor, walls, fixtures and furniture. Anything that has been exposed to the four seasons needs regular maintenance to ensure they last. For example, repair or replace rusty metalwork, varnish wooden floors, doors and furniture. If you have bamboo patio furniture,  there are specific products to maintain them (available from to maintain their quality and life).



Now it's time to make the small repairs. If your patio furniture is a bit worn but you're not quite ready to replace it yet, taking a little time to repair it will extend its life. If during the repair of furniture you discover that it is necessary to replace something, it is great to be in good time to replace it. You can also consider mixing and matching instead of buying a whole new garden furniture set.


4. Less is more

If possible, try to resist the urge to cram too much furniture, decoration or plants into a small space. Perhaps you can include additional furniture by purchasing folding chairs and tables that can be taken out when there are many of you, but otherwise can be stored gone.

“Less is more” is NorthbyNorth's mantra, as we believe that the simplicity of our Danish designed furniture speaks for itself.


5. Privacy and shadow

When the weather is nice, we usually spend  as much time as possible outside and so do your neighbors - and that can be nice, but sometimes we might want some private time too. Maybe you've created the perfect setting, but too much midday sunshine or nosy neighbors spoil the experience.

No panic, with an awning or sun shade  you can kill two birds with one stone by both achieving sun protection while also blocking the view from nosy neighbours. A wooden or bamboo partition can be a great way to screen off an area and create a sense of privacy.


6. Selection of new high-quality outdoor furniture

After you've cleared out the old, updated, repaired and cleaned, you're now ready for the fun's time to plan! There are many different types of high-quality garden furniture on the market, in many different materials

In the world of decoration, eco-trends are becoming more and more widespread, especially in terms of materials. Few materials are more environmentally friendly than bamboo. NorthbyNorth is passionate about protecting the environment and as a result we are constantly expanding our range of bamboo furniture designs. This sentiment supported by Laurie Wiluan, founder and CEO of Personal Space MB, who says: "A garden or patio should be a place to reconnect with nature. Using sustainable products such as bamboo or rattan is an excellent choice of textural elements that also show an appreciation for nature. Using these materials will bring you back to Mother Earth."

There is ample opportunity for you to choose sustainable natural furniture that will help you create the ideal outdoor space that you can enjoy for many years to come.


If you would like to know more about NorthbyNorth's bamboo garden furniture, contact




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