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Bamboo's wonderful flexibility

Bamboo's wonderful flexibility

NorthbyNorth's love affair with bamboo patio furniture is well documented, but you may not know that bamboo is the material of choice in many other industries.

Bamboo, originally from the Far East, is a favorite food of pandas and is also the material used to make the Philippine bamboo xylophone, known as a gabbang. It has also been used to make other instruments such as harmonicas and drums to name a few.

Sustainable production

The world now recognizes the need to work towards more sustainable production methods – and this has made this precious and highly flexible material bamboo super popular for many different products. For example, a growing number of companies in the global apparel industry are now bamboo as a sustainable element in their supply chain. This is due to bamboo's high level of sustainability, which helps work towards a more "green" world.

Sustainable construction

In the East, bamboo has been used to build bridges, scaffolding and houses for centuries. Bamboo's regeneration rate makes it a super sustainable material for the construction industry.

Bamboo grows much faster than trees. Most trees can only be harvested every 25-50. year, which means that every tree that is cut down is a tragedy. Whereas bamboo can be harvested every 3-6 years. year, depending on the species. The use of bamboo can potentially have a huge positive impact on slowing and reversing the problem of deforestation. At least it gives the tree forests time to regenerate.

Sustainable fashion

Briefly discussed above, the flexibility of bamboo allows it to be used in clothing. Most clothing today is made from cotton or man-made materials such as polyester. But bamboo can be used instead, which will help the fashion industry achieve their sustainable production goals. The higher level of sustainability is due to the reduced water consumption during its lifetime and rapid regenerative properties.

When used in the production of lingerie and underwear, bamboo is processed to create 'bamboo rayon', a soft, silky material that breathes better and has more stretch than natural cotton. Although a chemical process is used to make the bamboo rayon, bamboo clothing is still many steps up the sustainability ladder than the traditional alternatives.

Sustainable future

At NorthbyNorth, we truly believe that the use of bamboo, especially enhanced by new R&D processes, is one of the most cutting-edge materials and the key to a greener industry. This is also one of the main reasons why we are proud to champion this unique, beautiful and flexible material.

For more information on NorthbyNorth's bamboo garden furniture and maintenance products, visit our online bamboo furniture store at www.northbynorth.com or email us at info@northbynorth.com.

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