There are so many reasons why bamboo is once again the material of choice within the hospitality industry in sunny Spain and also for interior designers and decerning homeowners. So, let’s start at the beginning, by extoling the benefits of bamboo – the plant.

Bamboo grows rapidly covering large swathes of land, at a rate around 10 times quicker than hardwood trees, and without the need for pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. Apart from the eco-friendly aspects, which would please any green-minded business owner, one of the most attractive features is its softness yet durability. It is one of the most hardwearing plants in the world and the longer it grows the stronger it becomes, which is why NorthbyNorth uses only the more mature bamboo.

Stylish and strong

Hardiness is an essential quality for any commercial environment where the furniture will need to endure a multitude of assaults from over-excited and careless customers, from spillages to dropped cutlery, kicks and scrapes. Unlike other materials, bamboo can weather this type of wear and tear without sustaining damage. In fact, bamboo has the tensile strength of 28,000 per square inch, which is 5,000 higher than steel!

Moisture resistant

Furniture in hotels, restaurants and beach clubs and indeed any commercial outdoor setting must also be resistant to more than the odd knock, scrape or spill. The furniture needs to stand up to being stored in moist environments and regular, thorough cleaning using water and detergents, which means that they must be resistant to chemicals and the vagaries of the temperature. Whereas moisture levels can cause hardwood furniture to swell and shrink and ultimately to crack, this is not the case with bamboo.

Laid back chic

There’s nothing quite like good quality bamboo furniture to convey a relaxed vibe that is perfect for the hospitality industry. Potential customers are drawn to places where they feel welcome to relax and chill out, and when relaxed they will stay longer, spend more money and hopefully return again and again.

Value for money design

Bamboo is currently having its time in the spotlight due to its sustainability and versatility. The range, variety and quality of design is immense, from cheap and cheerful composite objects, to furniture that adds a touch of the tropics or even sleek Danish design.
At the higher end of the market, the quality of wood, attention to detail in the design and construction of the frames are key, and so are the quality and colour of the upholstery. These details can make a world of difference, as you are investing in furniture that is not only sustainably produced but it can also help to sustain your business…for a very long time.

Bespoke bamboo commercial furniture

When looking to purchase bamboo furniture as a commercial client, you can expect reputable suppliers to offers a bespoke service. Custom design bamboo furniture can be made to measure to your specifications to suit your premises. Due to the longevity of restaurant quality bamboo tables and chairs, it’s important that you have the perfect fit.

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Jan 18, 2021

Hej Bettina.

Det er kommet på lager nu, se venligst under betræk.


Dec 11, 2020

Hej. Vi købte en del møbler hos jer i sommer. Vi gil besked om at overtræk til de forskellige møbler ville komme hjem omkring oktober, men jeg kan stadig ikke se noget til loungebord 110×102 på hjemmesiden?

Bettina Bull

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