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Article: Durable material deal for the hotel industry

Sliddygtig matriale ideal til hotel industrien

Durable material deal for the hotel industry

Bamboo furniture has certain properties that make it ideal for use in the hotel industry, as well as interesting for interior designers and quality-conscious homeowners. In this article we will look at the many advantages of the bamboo plant.

Bamboo is able to grow with amazing speed and can cover large areas of land in record time. Bamboo grows about 10 times faster than hardwoods, without the need for pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. In addition to the sustainable aspects that will make any environmentally conscious business owner happy, the bamboo plant's most attractive feature is its softness and durability. It is one of the strongest and most durable plants in the world and the longer it grows, the stronger it becomes. This is one of the reasons why NorthbyNorth only uses the more mature bamboo.

Solid material and resistant to moisture

For any business environment, it is super important that the furniture is hard-wearing. The furniture must be able to withstand several careless and inconsiderate customers who spill, drop cutlery or scratch the furniture. The furniture must be able to stand outside in all kinds of weather, and be able to withstand being cleaned with water and detergents.

Laid back chic

To attract potential customers, it is important to create a place where they feel welcome to relax and be themselves. This usually results in them staying longer and spending more money and subsequently ending up coming again.

Exclusive design at affordable prices

Bamboo has become very popular in recent times, which i.a. is due to the sustainability and versatility of the plant. NorthbyNorth's range is wide, with everything from cozy garden sets at affordable prices. But primarily quality furniture that has a dash of Danish design.

In the exclusive part of the range, it is the quality of the bamboo and the focus on details that are decisive. These details can make a world of difference when you invest in furniture that is not least sustainably produced, but will also be a sustainable investment for many years.

Tailored commercial bamboo furniture

If you are a business customer looking for bamboo furniture, you can expect a professional and tailored service at NorthbyNorth. Custom-made bamboo furniture can be produced if this is desired. As these pieces of furniture can last for many years, it is essential to find just the right design and the  perfect size.

Find us at  https://www.northbynorth.com/ where it is possible to see our range of Danish designed bamboo furniture and contact us if you want to hear more about custom-made bamboo furniture at info@northbynorth.dk


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Hej Bettina.

Det er kommet på lager nu, se venligst under betræk.



Hej. Vi købte en del møbler hos jer i sommer. Vi gil besked om at overtræk til de forskellige møbler ville komme hjem omkring oktober, men jeg kan stadig ikke se noget til loungebord 110×102 på hjemmesiden?

Bettina Bull

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