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Bamboo hospitality furniture

By implementing NorthbyNorth's bamboo furniture in your business, you can achieve an extremely stylish yet still relaxing feeling for your guests.

Inviting and relaxing atmosphere

NorthbyNorth understands the high requirements for furniture in the hospitality industry. That's why we never compromise with the quality, the style or the durability of the bamboo.

All our hospitality furniture is of the highest quality. With the beautiful straight lines that NorthbyNorth's bamboo furniture has, it is easy to create the ultimate boho feeling, where customers can sit back and enjoy the surroundings.

Bespoke bamboo furniture

Our local carpenters in Vietnam have been making bespoke quality bamboo furniture since 2008. We design furniture of the highest quality, which is ideal for the hospitality industry's needs, price range, comfort and durability. They are also easy to move and maintain, which is a big advantage in this industry.

All the products can be made to your specific goals and requirements so that they fit perfectly into your business.

Why bamboo is perfect for your business:

Bamboo is the more sustainable it's fast growing, flexible and capable of recirculating large amounts of CO2. Bamboo is the building material of the future.

  • Affordable prices
  • Relaxing eco-chic vibe
  • Practical and durable material
  • Easy to move and maintain
  • Sustainable (No pesticides, artificial fertilizers or herbicides)

Danish standard

Your bamboo furniture will be in safe hands from the moment you complete your order. We use durable bamboo that comes from a nearby area from our factory. Each product is produced by experienced carpenters, that way we can guarantee the highest quality.

Large furniture can in some cases have a waiting time of between 3 to 6 months, we therefore recommend ordering well in advance.

NorthbyNorth offers their commercial customers a significant discount on the hospitality furniture.

Interested in our hospitality furniture?

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