Bamboo buildings: The incredible qualities of bamboo

Bamboo buildings: The incredible qualities of bamboo

Overlooked in favour of concrete and steel for most of the 20th century, bamboo is now making a comeback, not only in everyday items or beautiful bamboo garden furniture, it is being integrated into the fabric of modern buildings. Modern architects who are open to the idea of harnessing bamboo’s lightness and flexibility are starting to include the material in their designs.

At North by North, we have long recognised the many qualities of bamboo and the benefits of using it in the manufacture of our high-quality garden furniture. We are proud to be enthusiastic advocates of bamboo as a beautiful yet strong and sustainable material, and so we’re excited to share some of the amazing bamboo architectural structures that we have discovered. Here are 4 of the best bamboo structures listed by architecture site


Bamboo Sports Hall, Panyaden International School (Chaing Mai, Thailand)

The first structure illustrates perfectly the endless possibilities of working with bamboo. The architects created a curved bamboo structure comprising an intricately arched roof created with prefabricated bamboo trusses which were secured by rope instead of steel. This high-quality bamboo structure is completely carbon neutral, in fact the architect Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction claims that the building absorbs more CO2 that was emitted during the construction process.

Hardelot Theatre (Calais, France)

Another structure which definitely deserves your attention is the Hardelot Theatre in Calais. The building is completely surrounded by 12-metre-high natural bamboo poles. This creates a cage-like exterior as well as a radiating pattern that emanates from its roof. You simply cannot walk past this structure without looking at it. Performing- or watching a performance in this theatre is already an experience. At North by North, we are sure that if this theatre was not made out of bamboo, it would not have been that special.

Vedana Restaurant (Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam)

This stunning structure isn’t what it seems, the roof appears to be constructed with three thatched circles, however it is in fact it is one single bamboo structure, made of 36 modules. Upon entering you are struck by the sheer audacity of the design, which would not be possible to create using concrete and steel. There are thousands of elements linking together to create a roof that is reminiscent of a tradition Vietnamese structure. Even more extraordinary, the restaurant opens on to an artificial lake which allows the water to act as a natural air conditioner, and rain water runs off the roof into the lake which is used to irrigate the plants in the resort.


Bamboo Resin (installation at the London Design Festival, 2019)

Last but not least, and possibly the most important example... This is a bamboo structure with a difference, it was designed especially as an installation for the London Design Festival in 2019. We have included this natural bamboo structure because it is the perfect example of the flexibility and strength of bamboo. In fact, Kengo Kuma (the designer) has described bamboo as the ‘’material of the future’’.

The purpose of the installation is to illustrate how bamboo constructions could be the way forward when creating building which are capable of the withstanding natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. This means that bamboo is not only sustainable, durable and beautiful, it also means that bamboo is a great material for improving safety levels of buildings.

At North by North, we are proud advocates of design and construction using natural bamboo material. We understand the possibilities of bamboo, ranging from our own beautiful handmade furniture through to majestic modern buildings. We’re excited to see what will come next!

In the meantime, we are even more inspired to produce our high-quality outdoor furniture such as bamboo chairs, bamboo tables and bamboo daybeds. All our products are made out of natural bamboo and are handmade. In addition, we only offer Danish design furniture.

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