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Our in-house interior Team

HI here you can read about us 

Niels Hjorth: Founder and Visionary at Northbynorth 
Speak: Danish and English. 

Niels is the owner off Northbynorth, our brand is synonymous with exceptional outdoor furniture, deeply rooted in our admiration for bamboo. As designers and producers, we proudly offer outstanding quality at prices that defy market expectations. Serving a broad spectrum of clients, from private homeowners to businesses, we ensure that our furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainably crafted and budget-friendly. Join us in creating beautiful, sustainable spaces that blend luxury with affordability.


Judith: Cultural Connoisseur and Interior Design Enthusiast

Speak: Spanish - German - Dutch - English.

Hi, my name is Judith. With a rich background as an air hostess and in sales, I bring a unique perspective to cultural understanding and negotiation. My linguistic skills in German, Dutch, Spanish, and English enable me to connect with a global audience. Interior design is my passion, where I believe in creating spaces that are functional yet simple, turning homes into sanctuaries. Inspired by my travels, especially to places like Vejer de la Frontera, I strive to infuse my designs with international flair and elegance.


Julija: Architect of Timeless Design and Space Transformation
Speak: Ukrainian -  Russian - English.

My name is Julija. With over 20 years of experience, I have been instrumental in designing and implementing over 1,000,000 m² for both residential and corporate spaces. Our approach is not just about creating stunning visuals; it’s about bringing these visions to life. We specialize in designing corporate spaces that drive business success and residential areas that reflect personal lifestyle, combining comfort with aesthetics. Our comprehensive services include design projects, building supervision, project procurement, home transformation, decorating, and design project management.