We do everything to produce furniture of the highest quality with a long service life. We process all bamboo used in our production, in pressure chambers with brine. This ensures that the material is 100% pure and that no living organisms can survive in the wood.

Bamboo is a natural material and must therefore be treated regularly to retain its beauty and prolong its life. Here we give you some professional advice on the best way to look after your bamboo furniture so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Local weather conditions and external environments can cause dark marks and fungus or mould to appear on your bamboo furniture. Here are our recommended preventative measures and treatments.

Preventing fungal infections

You can also protect your bamboo furniture against fungal attacks, we recommend the use of ProtoxSkimmel. You can buy the product here or in your local hardware store. It is important that you apply the product to a completely clean surface .

Winter storage

  • Store in a dry place with good ventilation. If you do not have room to take all your garden furniture in during the winter, we recommend that you cover them. It is important that the cover is loose so that air can continue to circulate around the furniture.

  • We offer ideally suited polyester covers with an AeroCover membrane for most of our furniture range. These covers are suitable for use all year-round use. In the summer months, they are perfect for covering the furniture and cushions in the event of a little night rain and in the winter, they provide more robust protection if the furniture is stored outside.

    During both the winter and summer, we recommend that you should take your cushions indoors.