About NorthByNorth

About Northbynorth

Over 12 years of production of sustainable Danish designed bamboo furniture

Established by Niels Hjorth, Northbynorth has a reputation as a producer of high quality bamboo terrace furniture. The striking bamboo patio furniture is created by designers David and Karin Mintz, as well as Niels Hjorth, both of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in the design and production of bamboo patio furniture.

Based in Vietnam for over 10 years, the couple has extensive knowledge to bamboo as a material and its possibilities in furniture production. By working closely with Niels Hjorth, they share a vision of creating high-quality bamboo furniture and attention to detail. The whole range of bamboo furniture is based on the desire to harmonize high quality outdoor furniture with Scandinavian style.

Other brands have also recognized the popularity of the style and have started to produce poor quality copies of our premium standard bamboo terrace furniture.

If you value bamboo furniture of the highest quality with the right finish, then you should choose Northbynorth, as we are the only company that also requires bamboo to be treated in a pressure chamber to eradicate all termites and other harmful elements.

Sustainable production

The production of our bamboo furniture is 100% organic. Sustainable bamboo means that no hazardous substances have been used in production; no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers are used.

Vietnamese bamboo

Bamboo is an extremely durable material that can last a very long time if you use the right quality and it is treated correctly. It is also an environmentally friendly material to be used for furniture.

All our bamboo, every horizontal or vertical cane in the Northbynorth furniture range, comes from bamboo plantations located in Vietnam close to the factory that makes the furniture. The factory employs local Vietnamese workers and uses its own bamboo throughout production, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship.

Handmade quality

All furniture is handmade by the local Vietnamese bamboo factory. When you buy a bamboo chair or sofa, you are guaranteed constant high quality and attention to the small details.