Returns and Complaints

Can I cancel my online order? 

Yes, you are within your consumer rights to cancel your order within 14 days, except for blinds which are made to size.


If you change your mind about your purchase: 

If you change your mind and decide not to keep your bamboo garden furniture. Get in touch with our customer service department. We will be happy to send returns for small items and arrange collection for the larger orders. Just get in touch and remember to quote your order number. Buyers are responsive for all costs associated with returns.


Is it possible to return my package even if I have opened it? 

Yes, you can return your NorthbyNorth bamboo furniture as long as the item of the same condition as when you received it and within 14 days of receipt. The item must be returned in its original packaging and furniture must not have been unpacked or assembled.


When will I get my money after I return my purchase? 

NorthbyNorth will return your money via the same payment method used to purchase the products. We will refund the money as soon as the items is returned to our warehouse and has been checked. You will receive an email confirming the refund. We use ANYDAY as a payment solution, the refund can take up to 10 working days from the transfer until it will appear in your bank account.


I'm not happy with my NorthbyNorth purchase, what should I do?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please inform us of the possible and provide photos as soon as possible. Email us at info@northbynorth.com as soon as possible



My furniture has developed mold, what can I do? 

Bamboo is a natural product and therefore mold can develop on the surface, especially on bamboo garden furniture outside. However, bamboo is very resistant and the mold cannot penetrate its hard exterior. To ensure your NorthbyNorth handmade bamboo furniture lasts for years and years, it is important to follow NorthbyNorth’s maintenance advice, which you can find on the website.


What should I do with my bamboo furniture in winter?

Bamboo garden furniture should be stored in a dry place with good ventilation. If you don’t have room to take your furniture indoors during the winter, then it is recommended to cover it up. It’s important to use a cover that has enough room to allow the air to circulate. Before storing your bamboo furniture wash away any direct and dry to prevent mold and fungus developing during the winter months. NorthbyNorth offers high quality covers that can be adapted for most of our furniture.

We offer special protective covers with an AeroCover membrane which is waterproof and breathable, thereby reducing the risk moisture and fungus on the furniture.


Bamboo and sustainability

Is bamboo a sustainable material?

Yes, bamboo is a sustainable material. NorthbyNorth’s high quality garden furniture is made in bamboo, as this natural material grows rapidly without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides and recycle large amounts of CO2. They release 35% more oxygen into the environment than any other tree or plant in the world!


Are your products organic? 

Yes, NorthbyNorth’s high quality garden furniture is 100% organic.


Where does your bamboo come from? 

All of NorthbyNorth’s bamboo is grown in Vietnam, where it is also produced by Vietnamese craftsmen who have extensive experience working with bamboo.


Is bamboo a hardy material?

Bamboo is an extremely hard material which is ideal for making furniture. In addition, it is very shape stable, which makes it possible to develop some unique designs, such as our bamboo sunbed.


Does bamboo require maintenance?

Yes, bamboo is a natural material and therefore needs to be treated in order to protect it from the winter elements and to prevent the development of mold. When maintained and cared for correctly NorthbyNorth’s bamboo garden furniture can last for many years. See our maintenance guide on the website.


Hospitality furniture.

Why should I choose NorthbyNorth's hospitality furniture?

At NorthbyNorth, we know that furniture in the hospitality industry needs to be robust, easy to move and to clean. When choosing furniture for restaurants, hotel furniture or refurbishing a bar, it is important to consider comfort, sustainability and quality.

Properly priced / Eco-chic vibe / Adaptable and versatile / Practical and durable material / Easy to move and maintain / sustainable (no pesticides only fertilizers and herbicides).


I need a different size of furniture than the ones I see on the website, is it possible to get them specially made? 

Yes, if you need a larger batch of custom-made furniture, NorthbyNorth can create pieces to suit your specific requirements, whether need bamboo bar stools, furniture for cafes or hotel furniture, get in touch and we will be happy to help you. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.


I am interested in buying your hospitality furniture, who should I contact?

Just send us an email at info@NorthbyNorth.com and we will get back to you to find out how we can help you.



I would like to buy a new cover for my sunbed. Is this possible?

Of course, you can. You can see our selection of covers under Cover - extra covers on the website.


Are NorthbyNorth’s covers and cushions water resistant?

Our covers and cushions are made of high quality woven polyester which has been UV treated to prevent fading and is water and dirt repellent.


Should I take my cushions in when it rain?

Yes, you should always take your cushions inside when it is raining.


Can I order a sofa with a different colour upholstery?

Currently, all of NorthbyNorth’s bamboo garden furniture comes with cushions upholstered in a strong white woven fabric. If you want a different colour, it can be purchased on the website under cover - extra covers.


Is the cushion included in the price?

Yes, definitely. All of the bamboo garden furniture sold by NorthbyNorth includes the cushions you see in the photo. Decorative cushions are not included in the price. All cushions come in white, other colours are available to purchase if required.


North by North

Who is NorthbyNorth?

NorthbyNorth is a Danish company with over 12 years of production of sustainable Danish designed bamboo furniture.


What is NorthbyNorth's goal?

NorthbyNorth will always strive to develop sustainable bamboo furniture products of the highest quality, with a touch of Scandinavian style at fair prices.


Does NorthbyNorth have a sale?

No, NorthbyNorth does not have a sale. Our bamboo furniture is never reduced in price and in return you can be sure you are getting the best prices all year round, see more under ‘guaranteed fair prices’.


Can I buy NorthByNorth furniture elsewhere?

No, we don’t sell our bamboo furniture via agents or expensive intermediaries.


Can I see NorthbyNorth’s bamboo furniture on display anywhere?

Yes. In Denmark our bamboo furniture is on display in Hillerød, Copenhagenvej 4. However, the furniture must be ordered online and cannot be ordered directly in the store.


How does NorthbyNorth’s furniture differ from other bamboo furniture?

NorthbyNorth’s furniture is high quality, high finish and has highly comfortable seating, both chairs and sofas are designed with angled backrests for optimum comfort (unlike many others on the market).

Our furniture is created entirely of bamboo and assembled using bamboo sticks, whereas many other furniture on the market is assembled using visible screws. There is one exception, our large table requires screws and brackets on the underside.


Is my bamboo furniture be assembled when I receive it?

Most of NorthbyNorth’s furniture should be assembled when you receive it. We have chosen that most of our furniture comes flat-packed, as this allows us to leave as small a carbon footprint on the environment as possible.


How can I assemble the furniture?

All of NorthbyNorth’s furniture has been assembled in production and dismantled again. For ease of assembly, our 3-seater sofa comprises 4 large parts and 10 bamboo struts, a bamboo hammer is included together with detailed instructions.


Can NorthbyNorth’s furniture be assembled alone?

Yes, most pieces of NorthbyNorth’s bamboo furniture can be assembled alone, except for large pieces like the daybed which requires two people.


Delivery and web shopping

When can I expect my bamboo furniture to be delivered? Your shipment will be packed and shipped within 1 -2 working days after your order has been received.


How fast do you deliver?

Spain – within 2-5 workdays

Denmark – within 1-2 workdays

Sweden – within 3-7 workdays

Other countries within the Europe – within 5-7 workdays

Please note, the delivery times are provided as an indication and we reserve the right to change without prior notice, due to unexpected events affecting the business, weather conditions, holidays etc.

There may be unforeseen events or high demand at GLS/DSV which delay the delivery times estimated above. However, in 99% of cases it is correct.


How much is shipping?

Shipping is free in Denmark on orders above 10,000 dkk, purchase under 10,000dkk , for bridge-connected islands 74€ and shipments with GLS 49€. See the website for more shipping rates.

We deliver to the whole of the EU – if you have problems buying online to a specific country, please contact customer service info@northbynorth.com and we will help you.


Do I receive a tracking number on my order?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number by SMS / email as soon as we have prepared your shipment.

You will be contacted by phone from the local DSV distributor to arrange delivery. You will need to be home to receive the goods and sign for it.


How does delivery take place?

Smaller shipments are sent by GLS to the nearest collection point. You will receive an email with tracking when the has been sent. 

Furniture will be shipped with DSV. DSV delivers on every weekday within normal working hours. When the goods are picked up from our warehouse, you will be notified by email and provided with a tracking number. 

You will be contacted by phone from the local DSV distributor to arrange delivery. You will need to be home to receive the goods and sign for it.

We inform all clients that all furniture will be delivered on pallets on the curb, we do NOT carry your furniture into your home, and we do not remove the cardboard or pallet. 

If your delivery is delayed please contact Northbynorth customer service.

If you do not want to receive your delivery as soon as possible, you can request a specific delivery date under the comments section when completing your order. 


The product I'm interested in is sold out, when will it be back in stock?

No problem, send an email to customer service on info@northbynorth.com and we will help you.


Is it possible to pre-order a product, I want to make sure I get it?

If you do not want to receive your delivery as soon as possible, you can request a specific delivery date under the comments section when completing your order. 

You are always welcome to write us an email about which product you would like to pre-order. info@Northbynorth.com


When will the payment be taken?

When your shipment is delivered to the carrier, your payment will be deducted, except for orders for blinds, the money will be deducted at the time ordering.