Can I cancel my online purchase?

Yes, as a consumer, you always have a 14-day right of withdrawal, although not on custom-made roller blinds.

If you regret the purchase:

Contact customer service. We send you a return label for smaller packages and arrange collection of larger orders by agreement with you. Important that you inform us of your order no. when you address.


Is it possible to return my package even if I have opened it?

You can return your purchase as long as the item is in the same condition as when you received the package and it is within the 14 day right of return. THE ITEM MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND FURNITURE MUST NOT HAVE BEEN UNPACKED AND ASSEMBLED

When will I get my money after I return my purchase?

We use the same payment method for returning your money as used for purchase. As soon as the item has been returned to our warehouse and approved, we will return your money - you will receive an e-mail with confirmation. We use ANYDAY as a payment solution. It can take up to 10 days from transfer until you can see the money in your account.

I am not satisfied with my purchase, what do I do?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we would very much like to receive an e-mail at info@northbynorth.com as soon as possible, remember to include your order no., justification and please attach pictures in the e-mail.


My furniture has mold/mildew, what do I do?

Due to local weather conditions, mold/mould may appear on your furniture, even if you have pre-treated it with Bamboo Shield. However, bamboo is very resistant and mold/mildew is therefore only superficial and cannot penetrate the wood. It is important that you regularly follow our maintenance guide, which you can find on the website.

What should I do with my bamboo furniture in winter?

We recommend that you place them in a dry place with good ventilation.

If you don't have room to take all your garden furniture in during the winter, we recommend you like mine. covers them. It is important that the cover is loose so that air and circulation continue to enter the furniture.

It is important that the furniture is washed well before you put it away/cover it, otherwise dirt/muck will develop into mold and fungus in the humid winter climate.

We offer specially suitable covers for most of our furniture. Our cover has an AeroCover membrane which is breathable and waterproof (thereby reducing the risk of moisture and fungus on the furniture)


Is bamboo a sustainable material?

Yes, bamboo is a sustainable material. Bamboo is seen as an almost inexhaustible resource with its rapid growth. The plants grow extremely quickly without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or herbicides and recycle large amounts of CO2. They release 35% more oxygen into the environment than any other tree or plant in the world!

Are your products organic?

All our products are 100% organic.

Where does your bamboo come from?

All our bamboo comes from Vietnam, where the furniture is also produced by Vietnamese craftsmen who have extensive experience in working with bamboo.

Is bamboo a robust material?

Bamboo is an extremely hard material, which makes it very suitable for making furniture. In addition, it is very dimensionally stable, which makes it possible to develop some completely unique designs.

Does bamboo require maintenance?

Yes, bamboo is a natural material and therefore the furniture must be treated to keep it looking good and so that it can last for many years.See more under instructions for maintenance on the website



Why should I choose NorthbyNorth's hospitality furniture?

At NorthbyNorth we know that furniture in the hospitality industry must be robust, easy to move and easy to clean.

But it is also very important to show your customers that sustainability and quality furniture are a priority for you.



I need a different size of furniture than the ones I see in the catalogue, is it possible to have them specially made?

Yes, if you need a larger batch of custom made furniture, NorthbyNorth can make it to your specific measurements and requirements. Contact us for further information.

I am interested in buying your hospitality furniture, who should I contact?

Email us at info@NorthbyNorth.com and we will help you.


I would like to buy a new cover for my sunbed, can I?

Of course you can. You can see all our covers under covers – extra covers on the website

Are the covers and cushions water-resistant?

Covers and cushions are UV- and surface-treated in woven polyester, which makes it fade as little as possible, and is thereby water and dirt-repellent.

Should I take my cushions inside when it rains?

Yes, we always recommend that or cover your furniture with one of our raincovers.

I want to order a sofa with a different color cover, can I do that?

Our furniture is supplied with white upholstery as standard. If you want a different colour, it can be bought under cover - extra cover

Is a cushion included in the price?

Yes definitely, we sell all our furniture including the cushion you see in the picture. Decorative pillows are not included in the price. All cushions are supplied in white - if you want a different colour, it can be purchased separately.

Can I wash my cover?

Of course - wash it at max 30 degrees at max 800 revolutions and hang it up to dry. Does not tolerate tumble dryer.


Who is NorthbyNorth?

Danish company with over 12 years of production of sustainable Danish designed bamboo furniture

What is NorthbyNorth's goal?

NorthbyNorth will always strive to develop sustainable products of the highest quality, with a touch of Scandinavian style at fair prices.

Will the bamboo furniture go on sale:

No, we do not run sales and additional discounts on our furniture. In return, we offer fixed good prices all year round, see more under guarantee for fair prices.

Can I buy NorthByNorth furniture elsewhere:

No, we have no dealers or other expensive intermediaries.

Can I see the furniture somewhere?

In Denmark, we have our furniture on display in Hillerød, Københavnsvej 4. However, the furniture must be ordered online and cannot be ordered directly in the store.

How does NorthByNorth's bamboo furniture stand out from other bamboo furniture?

Is the furniture assembled when I receive it?

Most of our furniture must be assembled when you receive it. To leave as little CO2 footprint on the environment as possible, we have chosen that most of our furniture comes flat packed.

How is the furniture assembled?

A 3 seater sofa consists of 4 large parts and 10 bamboo nails - bamboo hammer included with detailed description. All the furniture has been assembled in production and taken apart again.

Can you assemble the furniture alone: ​​

Yes, only for the large pieces of furniture such as the Daybed, we recommend two people on it.


When can I expect my goods to be delivered?

Your shipment will be packed and shipped 1 business day after ordering. In high season it can take 1-2 days.

How fast do you deliver?

Denmark 1-2 days, DSV/GLS typically delivers the day after your order has been dispatched.

Sweden 3 – 5 days, when your shipment has arrived in Sweden you will be contacted locally by DSV via SMS/email about the exact delivery day.

The rest of Europe, the transport time is 5-7 working days depending on the place.

There may be unforeseen events or peak loads at GLS/DSV which mean that the above cannot be complied with. But in 99% of cases the above applies.

How much does shipping cost?

FREE SHIPPING in Denmark for purchases over 10,000 / purchases under 10,000 to fixed islands 549 / shipments with GLS 49

See more under shipping prices on the website

We deliver to the entire EU - if you have problems buying online for a specific country, contact customer service info@northbynorth.com and we will help you.

Do I receive a tracking number on my order?

Yes, you will receive your tracking number via e-mail/SMS as soon as the warehouse has made your shipment ready.

How the delivery takes place:

The furniture is delivered on pallets by DSV. They are delivered to the curb and therefore not carried in or repositioned on a terrace/garden. Cardboard and pallets are not returned. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order delivery.

The product I am interested in is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?

Send an email to customer service at info@northbynorth.com and we will help you

Is it possible to pre-order a product I want to make sure I get?

You are always welcome to write us an email about which product you would like to pre-order. info@Northbynorth.com

When draw the money:

When your shipment is handed over from the warehouse to the transport company, your payment is deducted. For orders of custom-made roller blinds, the money is deducted when ordering.


Where can I buy your jars?

You can do that in the store in Hillerød, Københavnsvej 4. You can also contact Lotte@northbynorth.com if you want to buy and have it delivered.

You cannot order jars online via the webshop but by contacting Lotte lotte@northbynorth.com.

Are the jars frost-proof?

Yes, we use a very special mixture of clay, which makes our jars very robust to withstand all kinds of weather. In addition, the jars are fired twice at 1200 degrees, which makes them frost-proof and gives a completely unique finish.