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Pruning & Surveying

Bamboo roller blinds can be cut to size, prices for cutting from DKK 299 / EUR 40 and can take up to 3 weeks in production time.

Crop options in the width without moving the cord system:

Size 80 cm can be cut down to 60 cm.
Size 90 cm can be cut down to 70 cm.
Size 100 cm can be cut down to 72 cm.
Size 120 cm can be cut down to 90 cm.
Size 130 cm can be cut down to 100 cm
Size 140 cm can be cut down to 110 cm.
Size 160 cm can be cut down to 130 cm.
Size 180 cm can be cut down to 140 cm.

The curtain can be trimmed in height, but we recommend leaving the excess curtain hanging as a roll, as bamboo is a very light material and the roll will not be very large. In addition, it is also incredibly nice to have a small roll at the bottom of the curtain, which at the same time helps to give it some weight.

The right of cancellation is canceled for customized curtains.

Payment is withdrawn as soon as your order is initiated and not until dispatch.

If you want to adjust the curtain yourself, we recommend using sharp scissors or a fine saw.


The curtain's standard measurements are the measurements of the bamboo curtain itself from edge to edge.

The suspension also measures 2 cm. If you want the curtain to hang inside a window frame, and you do not want the curtain to be rolled at the bottom, 2 cm must therefore be subtracted from the length of the curtain.

Example: The window frame measures 150 cm from top to bottom. The curtain must be cut to 148 cm if it is to hang freely without a roll.

If the curtain is to hang inside the window frame and extend all the way to the edges in width, 0.5 cm must be subtracted from the window frame's measurement on each side - then the curtain can roll up and down without bumping into it.

Example: The window frame measures 120 cm in width. The curtain must measure 119 cm to be rolled up and down without problems.

In an old property with crooked windows, we generally recommend adding 1 cm on each side.