Bamboo chair

Bamboo is a durable material that has a warmth and charm, which is difficult to replicate in the modern interior design. It is also one of today's most sustainable materials, so it is no wonder that it is a popular choice for both terrace and indoor furniture.

Large selection of chairs in sustainable bamboo

At NorthbyNorth, we have a large selection of beautiful bamboo chairs that you can choose from, including lounge and dinging chairs. Different in shape and size, but similar in their beautiful and stylish Danish design.

Do you already have an idea of what you are looking for? At NorthbyNorth, we will be happy to guide you through our extensive selection of bamboo chairs, so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for.

We are a company that focuses on sustainability and delivering high quality, which you will be able to feel when you try any of our bamboo chairs. Regular maintenance is recommendation to ensure you can continue to enjoy the benefits for many years to come.