Is your old lounge sofa on the terrace singing its last verse, or do you simply want something new to happen in your home? It may also be that you are in the fortunate position that you have the opportunity to furnish a new home from scratch and can therefore also choose freely on all shelves in relation to your furniture. When you choose to replace your current sofa with a bamboo sofa, you are at the same time giving thanks for a sustainable piece of furniture that is super durable and hard-wearing, and it is certainly not without reason that bamboo sofas have become so popular in interior design in recent years.


Danish design at its best

At North by North, we supply 100% Danish design of all our bamboo sofas, which you will find collected here on this page. Our bamboo sofas look good both on the terrace, on the balcony, in the conservatory or in the garden. Take a look at our large selection of beautiful garden and lounge furniture in bamboo on this page. If you like bamboo furniture, you will find the best of its kind with us, and if you order immediately, you can quickly start looking forward to lounging in your new bamboo garden sofa for the first time. A bamboo sofa gives new life to your decor both outside and inside, and if you take good care of it, it can last for many years.


Bamboo sofa for outdoor or indoor use

A bamboo sofa has become a popular choice for bringing coziness, atmosphere and comfort to the outdoor environment around your home, but in fact you can use a bamboo sofa outdoors as well as indoors. It's all about the right styling when you have to make a bamboo sofa fit well into the home, and perhaps you already know exactly where your new sofa will be placed.


Get good advice on the proper maintenance of your bamboo sofa

Bamboo is a natural material, and a bamboo sofa must therefore be regularly treated to keep it looking good and extend its lifespan. Under maintenance you will find good advice and tips for treating your bamboo furniture. If your bamboo sofa or other bamboo furniture is to be stored outside in the winter, we always recommend that you cover it to take the best possible care of it. See our suitable covers.

Do you have further doubts about our product range or how to ensure the right maintenance? You are always welcome to contact us so that we can guide you and answer your questions.