Bamboo lounge chair

Bamboo lounge chair

Do you also enjoy being outside in the good weather in the summer - maybe even in the company of good friends and your family? With a furnished lounge area, you can move the fun outside in the good weather, and if you have a conservatory or a covered terrace, you can even extend the season by a few months.

At North by North you will find a large selection of delicious bamboo lounge furniture - such as our bamboo lounge chairs, which have lots of advantages:

  • Sustainable material - bamboo is inherently sustainable to produce, and you can therefore buy our products with a clear conscience.
  • Durable and naturally beautiful - bamboo is a durable material that also fits very well and naturally into the minimalist interior style.

Find your future bamboo lounge chair in delicious Danish design

There are many good reasons why you should buy your next bamboo lounge chair through North by North:

  • Danish design - all our bamboo lounge chairs are 100% Danish, stylish design and handmade in Vietnam.
  • Advice on maintenance - you can buy products for maintenance, just as we can always give you the best advice on how to best take care of your new bamboo lounge chair.