Bamboo Daybed

Decoration with daybeds has become an increasingly popular choice over recent years, where the focus has really become on the homely, relaxing and cozy when decorating the home. Let several of the popular trends of the time meet each other by choosing a delicious bamboo daybed, which is a robust, timeless and incredibly beautiful material. We sell several different models for use both outside and inside, so you can choose where your new bamboo daybed should be placed.


Popular bamboo daybeds in well-thought-out design

At North by North, our bamboo daybed is available either as a daybed with a top or as a daybed sofa. Both products are very popular, and you get a piece of furniture that is stylish, sustainable and super functional. With decorative cushions you can create your very own expression and furnish an inviting space outdoors in the sun or indoors in a carefully selected spot in your home.

With a daybed in bamboo you get space for the large family as well as the small one. Here there is room to sit in light shade with a book on a sunny day – or similarly indoors all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. With the daybed sofa, you get a real float that invites you to put your feet up and relax – but still in a light and elegant design that fits well into any modern home.


How to use your bamboo daybed

  • Daybed with top is super useful on the terrace or in the garden, and you get a light shade under the white cover.
  • The daybed sofa can create a nice look on the terrace or indoors in the living room. Feel free to combine it with a couple of lounge chairs and an ottoman.


Free choice of cover for your bamboo daybed

It is of course important to both sit and lie very well on your chosen bamboo daybed. That is why our daybeds are equipped with a nice cushion, which is normally supplied with a white cover. However, it is possible to purchase a wide range of covers for the cushion, so you can get a cover in exactly the color you like best, and which goes well with your other decor inside or out.