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NorthbyNorth: AR virtual showroom

NorthbyNorth: AR virtual showroom

Choosing the right type of furniture can be difficult. Whether you're buying furniture for restaurants, cafes or bars, or you want to treat yourself to some luxury bamboo garden furniture, it's a pretty big financial commitment – ​​and you'd better make the right choice from the start.

So what would you say if we told you that it is now possible for you to see how each and every piece of bamboo furniture from NorthbyNorths would look in 3D in your own living room, lobby or garden? Imagine... It would eliminate mistakes that can cost both time and money to buy, try, and then go through the hassle of sending things back.

Augmented Reality

At NorthbyNorth we always strive to  achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, which is why we now incorporate the very latest Augmented Reality technology so you can try the furniture before you buy. It may seem extremely high-tech, but it is very easy to use and it allows you to see the products in a real situation to make the right decision.

For example, before the implementation of AR, if you were considering ordering a set of large bamboo chairs, tables or daybeds, you would need to take a chance that the furniture you choose would fit. With the AR technology, you can try on as many different pieces of furniture as you want to see which ones suit the room.

How it works

First, let's explain exactly what AR does... In short, it replaces the flat two-dimensional images on a website with 3D images. To explore how NorthbyNorth's bamboo furniture will look in your space, just use a mobile phone.

The first thing you need to do is open (unlock your phone) and scan the QR code (this can be done via your camera), which will instantly take you to the application. The really interesting features are that you have the option to place the furniture exactly in the position you want to see it. You also have the option to zoom in and out and rotate a product. A simple step-by-step guide video is available on our website. Click here to watch the video


In addition to the fun factor, the main advantages have already been mentioned, the application saves time and money. It also aligns with NorthbyNorth's sustainability ethos by allowing customers to view the furniture in 3D in their own space, preventing mis-ordering and preventing unnecessary shipping activity, which is good for the environment and the customer's bank account.

See in detail

The high quality of the 3D images allows for greater detail. It is possible to clearly see small elements of the design and construction, such as bolts, angles, leg shape and finish, and it is also possible to see the underside of each piece of furniture.

Thanks to Nextech AR

It has been possible to implement this amazing technology because of our partnership with Nextech AR. In collaboration, we have fully integrated their innovative technology on our website to give visitors a more exciting shopping experience – and make it easier for you to choose the right piece of furniture.

But don't take our word for it, visit our website at www.northbynorth.com to experience it for yourself.

If you would like further information on NorthbyNorth's bamboo furniture designs, please contact info@northbynorth.com

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